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"Go on in twilight. Begin to sing."

Walked about 15 miles (or more -- two this morning [hopped the bus a bit], seven this afternoon, who knows how many during the day). I need one of those silly gadgets that shows how much one travels a day -- I'm sure it's much more than 15 but I'm sticking with that, yeah.

First day at Fin and Feather? Wonderful. Everyone seems surprised at how quickly I caught on to everything. I was told that I could have as many hours as I want to work if I really wanted to work. Tim (manager) remarked that I was punctual and Malvin put in that I was extremely punctual. "Twenty minutes early, in fact."

And I go back tomorrow morning, 9am, to start again.

(I played with a degu today!!! And I made quick friends with someone who raises rats but is pre-vet and is interested in raising goats!!! And one of my co-workers is also a VCU sculpture student -- how strange is that?)


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