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At any rate, the seven rows of peas planted (and then re-planted because the first batch never popped their heads out of the ground) were sparse in popping up - I made room in the other six rows by picking out the plants and putting them into the first row. Worked well, actually, and I am now capable of... picking peas for a snack.
What? You've never eaten green peas raw? OMG! They are so good, you've no idea.
The bok choi and the napa cabbage bolted not long after planting. We'll be collecting the bok choi seed and trying those again - but we'll also be getting a new batch of seed in case those are duds. Whee.
Lettuce? We don't need no stinkin' lettuce! Yeah, beautiful stuff - wrong time of year to have the temperature sky rocket in February-April, though. Same thing happened in 2013, so it is not a fluke. Our lettuce patches (beautiful) are now 'lettuce opium' and... yeah, so what if I know about herbal drugs? :P I knew about morning glory seeds over a decade ago, jimson weed seeds over two decades ago.
Don't. Do. Drugs. Even if they are herbal, you need to know their strength AND your strength or they are LETHAL.
Onions? Check. Potatoes? Double check. String beans? Not as fast to catch on (or up) but good for their planting date.
Strawberries have been a hit-or-miss item - too much rain and lots of issues with snails. Duck is happy, though :D
The cucumber seeds ('Ashley') never grew. Recently replanted with 'Marketmore,' 'Sumtner' and 'Muncher.'
Beets... may or may not do well this year. Carrots are intermingled with the thrown beets and turnips. Turnips are HUGE. (I'm trying to rack my brain for the other things in the garden right now, ugh.)
Kale! Delicious.
The dill seems to be a no-go, but we weren't expecting a miracle from old seeds.
Broccoli is doing well, the tomatoes (LOTS of tomatoes) are not growing very fast. Peppers aren't going well, either. 42 hot pepper plants, 12 not hot pepper plants.
All but six of the tomatoes were transplanted. All of the peppers were purchased because our seeds were duds.
As far as the wild flora, the roses have died back to bring 'round the honeysuckle and privet scents. Blackberries are rampant. The pasture looks like a sea of yellow because of the buttercups, but I would rather them than our usual sneezeweed. (We have the one on the far right.)


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