Jan. 3rd, 2006

stellie: (great sadness)
Two singles. Both little boys. One from Shaggy Back and one from an older nanny that never got a name.

A set of twins from Dapples. Both boys.

A set of triplets from Lucky. One boy, one girl, we don't know what the last one is because we weren't going to disturb her from cleaning it.

2006's live count, so far, is fifteen baby goats.

Tomorrow we make the piglet run. And, at some point, someone remind me to show everyone the new year image that I made for all of you -- it's the prototype for the card that will be sent out as soon as I get around to it.

EDIT: I must never voice my opinions on heated topics ever ever again. Especially when they're dealing with animals/livestock. It only gives me a headache. I'm usually discussing things with people rationally and they blow things out of the water, completely missing the point and only seeing whatever it is that they want to see. Never both sides. It sets me up for dissappointment and then anger. Very quickly.

It's not very pretty when I'm angry.


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