Jan. 25th, 2006

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Thank you [livejournal.com profile] elflore :) I finally got my hands on the post box key and, tada! It had arrived. Fitting, of course, that I watch it on the 25th of January as it was originally broadcasted on the 25th of December.

Speaking of the 25th, happy birthday to my cousin Jim (even though he's not going to see this) who turns 22 today. I'll have to write to the auntage and ask her to send my regards.

I've been spinning the last few hours -- [livejournal.com profile] knitone_slipup has a picture posted of the 196 yards single-ply from tonight, finished, and I've got some brown started on the spindle at the moment. Time to settle down in the den again for some quality knitting time. Shouldn't take too long before I've finished the Dr Pepper 8x8. After that I'll start on the corset 8x8 and the argyle 8x8.

Busy hands make for a busy mind.

And, hey hey, what's this?! Oh boy, I'm so glad I went on an 'add all related comms' binge a few weeks ago -- I learn so much and I'm kept in the loop with so many different things! I'll have to ask Chris if she'd be interested in doing such a thing :D
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Tada! If you'd like me to take another swing at it, I'd be happy to :)


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