Feb. 2nd, 2006

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I went to sleep with a horrible headache that basically had me doubled over.

I woke up to find a greeting, an extremely cute e-card and nine Tom Baker/Doctor Who icons in my inbox. Wow. That definitely helps make that headache go away (because I did, indeed, wake up with it on the edge of my eyes... don't know why its there).

Yarn Fairy, who/wherever you are, I salute you!
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I just realised something...

...my obtaining a job today will severely cut into my knitting time! :O

This is not good and will obviously mean that my Knitting Olympics item might be doomed to failure .-. Because I swear I won't get behind in my afghan squares.
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"I've enclosed a nickel for you because I desperately need your attention and your help to waken the general public and public policymakers to a terrible tragedy."

"You can keep this nickel as a reminder that animals need our help every day, or you can return it with your completed survey."

THIS IS WHY PETA DOESN'T WIN. That's right, folks. The newest PETA snail mail is giving out nickels. Do you think I'm going to send anything back to them? Nope, not a chance (mainly because I don't actually like them but also because they don't have a postage paid return envelope and a nickel isn't going to send them squat).

But, hey! Free money that I'm going to promptly forget where it came from!


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