Feb. 4th, 2006

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This could end up being one of the more difficult days that you'll have to deal with this month, and you might encounter a few disagreements where the subject of money is concerned. You're bound to be in a slightly more free-spending mood and will probably feel like indulging yourself a bit today. Just don't get too carried away and get yourself into trouble.

10am is entirely too early for working .-.

Next Saturday I'm learning from this -- I sleep lots longer and wake up at 6am, reset the alarm for 7. Because this 7-8 stuff isn't gonna cut it.

I'm sooooo going to sleep as soon as I get back. I'm exhausted.

EDIT: ITS RAINING. Great. I'm seriously thinking I'm going to back out of this, two miles and an unfaithful bus is going to put me back quite a bit, I'm sure.

That and I know that my mum was counting on me to be at home the week of the 12th to help around the farm and I doubt he'll be happy knowing I'll leave for a week in only five.


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