Feb. 6th, 2006

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So I've managed a tessellating fish! I'll post pictures tomorrow :D

Thank you soooo much Yarn Fairy! That was the most satisfyingly quick knitting I think I've ever done before in my life. Definitely going to do more and will probably be doing it for KO ...but only if my KO yarn doesn't come in before Friday :\

...I am so disappointed with KnitPicks and I'm going to call them tomorrow if my yarn hasn't arrived -_-;

Off to do some crafty things in the den! Yay for crafty things!
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I've gotten my bound book back. This makes me happy :3 Dedicated thusly:

To my mother, the shepherdess.
May the grass always be green.

When I go back home I'll give it to mum. When I find the time and the desire I'll work on my original design idea for a quilted book and that will be the one I try to have published. It's entirely too sketchy for my liking right now .-.

Points the professor brought out:
  • You made the text appropriate to the project's needs by adding sleeping child being read by "shepherdess mom"
  • Beautifully done -- interesting layout -- elegant color scheme -- "Goodnight, sweet lamb" a nice touch.
  • When you have time it would be stunning quilted, yes!
  • Should the boy be cuddling a toy in bed? (the illus. maybe too finished to add it easily now if you wanted to)
  • The seemingly harsh word 'invade' is just fine.
  • This poem can actually be a fun bed-time book for children, now.
    Comment on your illustration designs? Are they exciting? Do they add to the text in any interesting ways? Do they use unusual perspectives or croppings? Where and how?
    They're [sheep/characters] "cute" -- they allow the poem to transform into something more childish than the adult scenarios that the words can actually suggest.
  • You're right -- the words actually may be suggesting her chasteness, her thoughts, etc. -- you have brought out the mother in the shepherdess -- good job adapting it to the field.
  • You do have a talent for illustration and design of your layouts/perspective.
  • You are a pleasure... I really enjoy your talent, originality, creative ideas and vitality. You spread yourself thin, reach for the stars, go the extra mile but sometimes you have demanded too much for the time allowed. Your talent is unquestioned so work on making realistic goals, meeting deadlines and fulfilling the required perimeters of a project. Loved having you in class.

  • And this bit really amused me:
    Write neater please -- write as well as you illustrate! With the same thoughtfulness and care.

    I'm doing the best I can! I know my handwriting is (mostly) atrocious .-.
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    I just held a book open with my boobs so I could type something out of the book for someone.

    My boobs rock.


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