Feb. 7th, 2006

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More later -- Michelle left a note asking me to clean the bathroom... which means she probably has people over tonight. Gah -_-; There's, honestly, nothing to clean. I can sweep the floor and rinse the tub out to make her happy, though, so I'll do that.
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Okay, things I plan to get done tonight (meaning before I go to sleep around 5am) are as follows:

  • 3 different afghan squares. Sure, I can do this. These three are nearly complete, they just need to be finished up and stuffed into addressed/stamped envelopes. This is an obtainable goal.

    One down, two to go. Two down, one to go.

    DAMN STRAIGHT! Finished all three and shipped them before 2pm today (the 8th).

  • More sketches for 4-4-4 cards. I can do this, too. Done!
  • Personal, top secret mission #1!
  • Personal, top secret mission #2!
  • Eat breakfast dinner. Done!
  • Work on MS&WF art competition pieces.
  • Work on Rings and Things polymer design. I've Done! the design. And I really really like it. I just need to *make* it, now.
  • Shower. (YES! I can't wait! I've been too cold lately, I will enjoy a really hot shower.) Done!
  • Wash/dry clothes (maybe... it needs doing).
  • Bake bread (I want fresh bread .-. ).
  • Watch some TV, not just have it going in the background as a noise-companion. Maybe just sack TV all together and watch some Doctor Who instead. MmmmWho. Done!

  • Divide one skein and dye it accordingly. Mmmmmhmm. Got that done :D
  • Work on sample swatches for knitting olymPIES olympics. Done!
  • Clean up my bed. So I can, ya know, sleep in it pretty soon. Done!
  • Dinner! Done!
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