Feb. 10th, 2006

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I should probably learn to care a little bit more about what I say to other people on the internet. More so on how I say it rather than what I say. But I kinda don't care one way or the other since, either way, I'm saying the same thing. Only the 'more care' would end up having a lot more double checks to make sure that a) no toes were stepped on and b) no one could take it the wrong way.

But, eh, most people will take anything the wrong way if you post and they're in a bad mood. Hence why I don't care all that much.

EDIT: Preemptive strike against headaches #1 -- have marked all non-carefree lists as daily digest. This should help me merely skim posts and not bother to think of answering most (if not all) of them.
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Chris and I watched Doctor Who and knitted all night last night until I nearly passed out. (Robot, The Sontaran Experiment, Rose, The End of the World, The Unquiet Dead, Aliens of London, World War Three and I fell in and out of sleep half way through Dalek.) She went home around 6:30 this morning and I trundled to my bed... couldn't sleep, checked things, stayed up until I couldn't anymore around 10am. Crashed hard until I realised I was sleeping just before 11am.

Got up, got my things, put on my coat and shoes and went downstairs to wait for the UPS person. From 11am until 3:30pm I waited. No sign. The little note from yesterday stated between 10:30am and 2pm.

I know I saw an UPS truck go past down Broad at 1pm... but still, no sign in the building, no passing by the door or anything like that. BAH.

...I could have slept more. And I could have cast on at 2pm. What a waste of day .-. (even though I'm almost finished with a non-knitting olympics item that is top secret right now).

EDIT: Went downstairs a minute ago to check and see if there had been a note left while I was up here. Nope. They didn't bother to stop today, apparently.

Spaghetti tonight! Mmmmmspaghetti. Finishing the super secret knitting and then casting on for my knitting olypics piece. Don't expect me around tonight (possibly not tomorrow, either) for more than a few minutes at a time if at all.
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Reminder to self:

STAR Orientation Assistant positions available for summer, go to the friggen meeting on Monday @ 5:00pm in the Brandt Hall Community Room.


EDIT: Also? Think about a hair cut. Honestly. You need one -- you haven't had one (not even a trim, you mongrel!) since October 2004. AND GET A FRIGGEN JOB.

"Tee double Eee double Are double Are double Eye double Eff, double Eye, double See See See." Terrific.


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