Feb. 11th, 2006

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14 hours of sleep. Yay. To do list for today (because I finished most of this one):

  • Shower. Done!
  • Finish super-secret knitting project from yesterday.
  • Personal, top secret mission #2!
  • Make Tea. Done!
  • Lunch. Done!
  • Dinner.
  • Work on MS&WF art competition pieces. (I have an idea for two but I need to check my sizes....)
  • Work on Rings and Things polymer piece. Due by February 28th.
  • Wash/dry clothes (maybe... it needs doing).
  • Bake bread (I want fresh bread .-. ).
  • Clean my desk (it needs doing).
  • Cast on for the Knitting Olympics.

    I reeeeeally hope that Michelle plans on going somewhere today instead of lurking in the den .-. I wanted the sooooofa. It's entirely too dark in this room to do any real work.

    She left :D I'm all alone .-.
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    Several of you have posted about this but, until RIGHT NOW, it's been overloaded and I've not been able to reciprocate. If you've done this, post a link in comments? :D

    EDIT: It keeps overloading T-T

    But! Here's something I found incredibly amusing:

    <td align="center"> stellie --

    A hermit living in the big city

    'How will you be defined in the dictionary?' at QuizGalaxy.com</td>
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    "The World without tomatoes is like a string quartet without violins."
    -Laurie Colwin

    I love PBS. And I especially love their 'Be More Imaginative' bit with the fire in the house. That was exceptional.
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    It's been around. Like a bicycle, baby. (Most recently grabbed from [livejournal.com profile] illucian.)

    1. Comment here, and I will pick two of your LJ interests (like 'Gary Busey' and 'urinal cakes') and draw something that is an astounding combination of the two!
    2. You do not get to pick which interests! I do! ME.
    3. Put this in your journal with the things you've had drawn for you, and draw-inate other people's interests!

    (4. Legal loophole: I reserve the right to get tired of this in five minutes.)

    What's been drawn for me: )

    Don't expect an instantaneous reply! I'm in the den knitting at the moment ;) Everyone who comments WILL get a reply... it might just be on monday or sommat.
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    Its snoooooowing.

    EDIT: And I just had the most wonderful idea for a reconstruct. There's this red and white gingham dress that I was given and it's super large on me. And plain to boot. This is a rad rad idea and... I'll never have time to go through with it but I'm going to go doodle it down before I forget .-.


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