Feb. 13th, 2006

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Winning silly competitions with wool for ten years and counting.

X3 (Ya, ya, I know -- I said I'd never take a picture of me again. Apparently I lied.)

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Strider indeed. )

I amuse myself entirely too much X3
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"Welcome back, stellie... er... welcome, Adventurer!" says the Toot Oriole with a gleam in his eye.

"How did you..." you begin to ask, but the Oriole cuts you off.

"It looks like you're not in need of any training, but I believe I've got something someone left here for you."

The Oriole roots around in his nest and produces a letter.
You acquire an item: letter from King Ralph XI

Well I finally beat the Naughty Sorceress! Time to blaze new trails as a Disco Bandit :D
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Ooookay, lemme see here.

  • Lunch. Done!
  • Dinner.
  • Meeting at 5pm (I might just go to the one on Thursday, I'm not feeling up to being social today). Mum got online. Going on Thursday.
  • Take out chicken to thaw for chicken and dumpling making tomorrow.
  • Wash clothes.
  • Knitting olympics work (I'm at row 42 and past all of the colour work)!
  • Super secret item #2.
  • Rings and things piece.
  • dA Plushie piece (yes, yes I'm going to try).
  • MS&WF pieces.
  • 2 February afghan squares.
  • A few other things I'll think of later.
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    Hey Ashley,
    I just wanted to let you know that I got my square and I absolutely love it. I carried it around for a day just to show everyone my fabulous giraffe square. The card was also beautiful. Thank you so much.
    Hope you're well,

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    How many of you have been looking at the webbie/image indexes/[livejournal.com profile] midnights_pawn?

    My bandwidth has been zapped! That's never happened before :O


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