Feb. 20th, 2006

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Pirate Monkey's Harry Potter Personality Quiz
Harry Potter Personality Quiz
by Pirate Monkeys Inc.

Introverted (I), meaning you keep more to yourself.
Intuitive (N), getting answers from within.
Thinking (T). Perceiving (P).



And lookit all the pretties that Chris made! I'm so proud :3
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We covered this book in children's illustration last semester and I fell in love with it -- I had never been exposed to it until that point but the story was inventive and definitely twisted enough to hold my attention. The illustration work is gorgeous and I hope to one day attain that same brilliance in my own illustrations.

Just thought I should share. If anyone thinks they'd like to see more stuff like this I'd be happy to share a few authors/illustrators every week or so.
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Aw, great. It's snowing.
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I will admit that, while I'm taking on this huge responsibility, I don't have a job at this moment.

The lease will start on March 1st but I'm moving all of my stuff in today (hopefully). If there is anything that you would like to have done -- painting, drawing, digital work, doodle, craft -- I'll do any and everything anyone wants/needs.

I specify that it cannot be more than 12"x12" in traditional media (I only have one more 12"x12" stretched canvas -- I have a bit of masonite board and then, of course, I have watercolour paper and various other things -- can do pen-and-ink, watercolours, pen-and-watercolours, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, coloured pencil, plain pencil with grades and plain pencil or ink outlines).

-- digital pieces should be no more than 1024px in any direction (400pi) and they will be done in openCanvas with optical mouse.

-- knitted/crocheted items I can come up with in a small amount of time (can do scarves and afghan squares at the moment; scarves will be no longer than five feet long sans tassels (unless you're willing to wait and wait and wait for something like a Who scarf) and afghan squares will be 2-D only, 8"x8"). Can be wool or acrylic (though I'm limited to my woolies -- extra would need to be added to cover cost of materials if you must have yarns that I don't currently have in my stash... I have a large stash, though, so try me). Have the option of requesting something specific or letting me free to choose what I like.

-- Something of my choosing so I'm not bogged down with what everyone else wants, done on watercolor paper with pen-and-ink as well as watercolours (or sans if you'd rather) pre-formatted 8"x8" I'll ask for $25 flat, no extra shipping. It'll be all special and surprise-y when it gets to you (though I'll be sure to do something you're sure to enjoy).

If you want something else, let me know and we'll work something out.

Any piece solicited will be done in a first-come-first-served manner (barring, of course, any 'something of my choosing's I happen to want to throw in so I don't feel bogged down by everything) and I request money up front (something I hate doing but you will definitely get your piece(s) in return -- it just might take a month or two depending on demand).

If you'd like to just throw money at me, though, even a little jingle-jingle change, toss it over through PayPal to mistic.constellation@gmail.com (doesn't take any fees from the amount given) -- if using a credit card or sending a rather large amount, send it to wilsonae@vcu.edu

Because I'm not sure if/when the Sallie Mae stuff will kick in and how much, exactly, it will cover. And I'm not sure when I'll actually get/start a new job. And I'm not sure how mum will react to everything since she's going to have to co-sign (because apparently, since I'm a student, I'm not able to make decisions for myself).


Yes, it's hit me and it's hit me hard. I'm starting to panic.

You can find my artwork at the following sites:

http://www.epilogue.net/cgi/database/art/list.pl?gallery=10799 (only one but it's good)

I have this piece up on furbid and I have another acrylic painting up on ebay.

If someone reeeeally wants my only printed copy of my children's illustration project, signed, then I'll let it go for $150 (that's shipping included). I can make a proper full-color book jacket for it at $200, total, it's just going to take some time. The final measurements of the book itself 8"x6", landscape, and it contains 47 full-color pages (book dummy as well as pieces done throughout the semester in the children's illustration class plus two pages in the back with Ink and Cinnamon and Spice). It also has a few things (text, repositioning of images) that I will be correcting in future editions (should there be any).

Secondary, corrected editions can be purchased as needed - $80 (shipping included) each for up to five. Beyond that, details can be hashed out.

If you want an original page out of the book I'm unable to let it go. I can, however, make prints as needed. Details can be hashed out here as well.

I also still have this oil painting -- it is not on it's stretchers and I doubt I'll be putting it back on them. Contact for more information.

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Contact: wilsonae@vcu.edu
Or AIM: sheeparelove


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