Feb. 22nd, 2006

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Had an interesting night. Apparently I was the only sober person in the entire bar, heh. Got my Coca-Cola on the house so it was a free night for me. Stayed until closing @ 2am.

Patricia is nearly-plastered and her friend Tommy was plastered early in the afternoon and hung out in the apartment -- he saw me knitting and decided he wanted to learn, too. Promised I'd teach him.

Size 15 needles and some yarn. No, couldn't get the hang of it.

Okay. Crochet, start something with one hook only. Couldn't get the hang of it.

Bright idea. Finger knitting. Caught on really quick (though I made two 14-footer bits in the time he made one) and I braided them together for him to make a nice scarf. He was thrilled and is spouting that he'll be getting himself some yarn of his own to make bunches of finger knitted, braided scarves. I have pictures but it'll probably have to wait.

Gah. Still have crap in Capital Garage. This moving thing sucks.
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Okay, I figured I'd go to the studio and run off some of my energy there, drop off a note to Red to see if he'd like to help me get things outta here and, boom, forgot paper and pen.

No sweat. Remembered I had a buck stashed in my checkbook and got myself a soda. Wandered the three story building looking at flyers and such (found a good opportunity that I think I'm going to try to persue).

I'm hungry, now, with nothing of my own to eat in the Capital Garage-ness. I don't know of anywhere really close by that's open/serving breffie at the moment.

And I'm close to crashing. I might just sleep proped up on the sofa beside what's left of my stuff.

Moving sucks. I know that I've walked a total of at least 12 miles in the last 24 hours. Carrying heavy things.
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This is Tommy and his Finger-Knitted Scarf. )

He was so excited the entire night, it was amusing. I bound the ends up for him after I took this picture but, yeah. It's nearly 14 feet long, acrylic, finger knitted and then braided.

And! That's taken in the new place. I wasn't really thinking of taking tour-pictures at that point so, uh... suffer? :P


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