Feb. 23rd, 2006

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Wireless 'net access. This is the first time I've ever successfully tapped into a wireless connection before.

Moma hasn't been online or either hasn't answered my email. Which, yeah, I didn't expect her to have gotten online today anyway.

All of my yarn pulled out. A good shot of the 'Moss' from my Yarn Fairy in my stash flood. Plus! Current view outside, it's raining. )

I made Tommy happy by bringing in some ice, heh.
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You know, Doctor Who has always made me think a bit and has always taught me a little something-something. Like the word 'obstreperous'* and that a brain can be poisoned with hydrogen cyanide*.

When I watched The Christmas Invasion I was wondering what the hell a satsuma was -- I could see it was a citrus fruit of some sort but had never heard of such a thing before. Watched The Attack of the Graske tonight and heard the fruit's name again. Looked it up.

Guess what! It's a nearly-seedless mandarin orange with a mild flavor that has a high tolerance of cold temperatures and grows well in pots :P

*(Sylvester McCoy) Rememberance of the Daleks:
Ace: Professor, I'm hungry! Lack of food makes me hungry, you know.
The Doctor: Lack of food makes you obstreperous!

*(Tom Baker) The Brain of Morbius:
The Doctor mixes up hydrogen cyanide to try to kill the brain of Morbius but only succeeds in killing Solon. It's been a while since I've seen this particular episode but I believe the reasoning behind that was because the body that the brain had been placed in had parts of another alien race that had methane (yes?) filtering lungs. Or sommat.
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Yes, a completely different Doctor Who post just seconds after the last one!

Who saw the Paul McGann stuff on the Classic!Who portion of the site, eh?

Hello, remember me? That incident with the Eye of Harmony and the Master, San Fransisco, New Years' Eve 1999. Yes, of course you do. Still -- you don't want to hear about that, do you? You want to know what happened next. I'm the Doctor, by the way.

You're not the Doctor.

What do you mean I'm not the Doctor? I think I should know who I am, in fact I'm certain of it.

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My mom sent me these the other day:

Baaaaaaaby sheep )

The one on the left is Alice and her new baby (single), and the one on the right is one of the old-old-old finnsheep ewes and her twins with her fall baby trying to figure out what's going on. A few outside pictures around the apartment in a second.

AKA the things I find totally cool about being here (and possibly why I'm uber-comfortable in these surroundings).

I'll randomly update this gallery with pictures as and when I see fit.

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Can ANYONE help me with my cell phone? There's this strange online system that helps you figure out what's wrong with it on your own and it involves calling the cell from a landline phone (which I don't have) -- anyone with a landline want to banter through AIM or MSN and help me go through the steps so I can figure out what's wrong with it? It'd be greatly appreciated.

Especially since I'll probably be getting a call tomorrow from Doug at Young Rembrandts about possible job stuff. Can't miss that.
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OMG! Such a small world XD (Lisa... you better hold onto your bear better than that!)
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Out of stupidity I looked up 'knitting scholarships' -- there's something for canadians and an MSN article mentioned knitting your way through school. Uh, yeah. The MSN article was talking about the American Sheep Industry scholarship.

Virginia is one of the only states that doesn't have enough people interested in it to participate in the competition.


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