Feb. 27th, 2006

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"I have to take this outside and feed the animals. Because there are starving children at your mom's house."

Words of wisdom from a drunk feller named Tommy.

I shouldn't be this amused by drunk people.
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Aparently a 'Monique Banks' from Emporia, VA, just called me. I don't know anyone by that name...

...but I think my mom does.
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Huh. I'm still 145 pounds.

After almost eight years I'm still the same weight and height (though I must admit that I've grown that quarter of an inch since then).
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"Dude, like... you have the strangest whistle I've ever heard before in my life. Like... it isn't even a whistle, it sounds like a fake whistle coming from somewhere trying to trick you and stuff. Like those people with the talking dummies. Ventriloquists. But with whistling and stuff."

"I know, isn't it cool?"

"Dude, it's AWESOME."

Tommy amuses me.
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Ashley & Chris,

Carolyn Henne said that you were both interested to stiltwalking at the School of the Arts commencement ceremony on May 20th. We are meeting this coming Friday March 3rd at 3:00 pm to discuss practice schedule. Would be good if you could attend that meeting. It will be in the Pollak Building in Room 103 which is on the first floor opposite the elevators. If you can't come at 3:00, I could possibly meet sometime between 1:00-3:00. Would be best if you could come at 3:00 though. Please let me know that you received this email and whether you can come to the meeting.

Thanks for your interest.
Chris Burnside

Guess what I'm doing at 3pm on Friday!


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