Mar. 19th, 2006

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Back in Richmond, no more extra roommate, locks were changed.

Five litters of piggies born, Thief had twin girls (goat), the aunt bought three day-old calves.

Took in bread from Petersburg Saturday, Thursday and Saturday -- took in bread from Bells Road Thursday.

This week will be even more busy because I now have a lot of cleaning to do in my room to get everything ship shape -- this Friday I have a stiltwalking meeting/practice, mum is coming to get me after 5pm to take me home. This Saturday I'll be attending the Sharron Church auction in Homeville, VA (Stony Creek/Waverly area) and I'll be back some time on Sunday afternoon/night (because we'll probably be getting bread on Sunday and I'll have to help and feed the calves and everything so, yeah, work work work).

Leads for jobs, leads for jobs. Going to be running about after a position working with (read: cleaning stalls for) the Richmond Mounted Police.

Tired, gonna sift through my email. It's been almost nine days since I've been online -- I'm going to try to read everyone's entries but if there's something really extra special/important anyone wants me to know, leave a comment. Maybe in the middle of the night I'll write a coherent entry about everything that went on while I was away from computers :P


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