Mar. 20th, 2006

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That was, uh, beyond strange? Someone just tried about eight keys on the front door, came around back and tried three keys and then knocked on the door. Not opening doors tonight for anything or anyone, sorry.

EDIT: Front door again, three keys.

Mum helped me put a new front door light in before she left so I'd be able to see who's on the outside at night but I can't see much of anything if people won't sit still when I come down the stairs.

EDITEDIT: Girl's voice. "Maybe they're not there or something" *crunchcrunchcrunch* of feet on rocks between this building and the one beside it. Either on a cell phone talking to someone or they have someone else with them. Dunno, don't care.

Knocking on the neighbor's back door, downstairs. Straaaaaange.



Waitwaitwait. She knew the locks were being changed today. That means... she gave copies of the old key to other people? To come in and out as they please?
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Okay, soooo...

Saturday, 11th: Went home, ate lunch. Farm, hooked trailer up, Petersburg, loaded bread, came home, unloaded bread/fed up. Thief had twin girls. For those of you who don't know who Thief is... she's the raggamuffin bottle baby we had last year. She had twins, she was a twin (sister was MIP -- Missing in Pasture). Daughter of Cocoa (now dead) who was a twin (also girls) who was the daughter of Eighty-Six (bought at auction, has a single on the ground from the summer and is currently carrying). Watched Saw and part of Saw II.

Sunday, 12th: Farm all day. Opening bread/feeding up. Sow outside (she doesn't have a name) had a litter of piglets -- don't know how many, just know there are four now: two girls, two boys. Watched Saw II all the way and watched The Ugly.

Monday, 13th: Ran to town, made groceries. (50-cent/pound apples at Wal*Mart :O !) Opened bread and fed up. Light Red (sow) had a litter of nine piglets. One was runty and didn't make it. Watched The Brothers Grimm and Druids.

Tuesday, 14th: Farm all day. Opening bread/feeding up. Spot (sow) had a litter of eight piglets. Loaded four ram lambs and 32 head of goats ages two- to nine-months. Managed to wallop the top of my head right hard on the trailer and ended up with a welt about the size of a peanut.

Wednesday, 15th: Fed and watered up. Met the auntage for a day at the stockyard! Mum, the lobster, the auntage and I went to Blackstone (VA) and had lunch at the Cow Pen. Sold the 36 animals we loaded the day before. Don't worry, we've still got plenty -- all but one of them were boys, anyway, and we had no use for them. This was the first time the auntage had ever been to a livestock auction and she fell in love with the baby day-old calves. Needless to say... we now have three of them living at the farm being raised on the bottle. Blackstone (black-base brown bull calf), Firestone (brown-base red bull calf) and Cobblestone (black/brown and white holstein bull calf).

15.2 QH Two Eyed Jack stud, 18 years old, $500.oo -- gentle riding, handles like a dream. Serious people only. No lines to Impressive. Yale, VA. I know the guy who's selling. Lemme know if you're interested.

Thursday, 16th: Met the auntage. Fed the baby cows. Mum and I fed up while the auntage and the lobster started renovating an old school bus. Yes, the calves will be raised in a school bus once everything is finished on the inside. Left the farm, went to Petersburg and loaded bread. Tasted new Twinkie (very good stuff). Went to Bells Road, loaded bread. Came back home, stopped by the Tastee Freeze and picked up a snack. Fed up again -- met auntage and fed baby cows before going home. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire -- Red Eye.

Friday, 17th: I managed to somehow wear green to bed the night before. Yella (the blind goat) came to the farm with us. Met auntage. Fed baby cows. Fed up rest of animals. Brushed Cinni down really well and watched her belly move about. Met auntage again, fed baby cows and went home.

Saturday, 18th: Met auntage. Fed baby cows. Fed everyone else. Got a sow up to herself because she was coming close to having. Spotted another sow having in the pen and getting mauled by the other pigs so we're beating the other hogs away and trying to get a sow into the barn while she's in labor. Great. We manage it -- she has seven piglets. Petersburg for bread run. Unloading/feeding up when we got back. Met auntage. First sow we put up had eight piglets while we were away. Fed baby cows, went home. Watched episodes 1 and 2 of the new Doctor Who series -- the auntage recorded it on DVD for me.

Sunday, 19th: Met auntage. Fed baby cows. Fed everyone else. Went home, packed up, went to Chester for dinner, came to the apartment. The rest is history.

But, seriously? What's with this weather change? Friday (10th) it was humid and you could easily go outside in shorts. 80-degree weather. Then, snap, it's 30's, 40's and mid- to upper-50's. I'm sneezing like mad and, basically, I've got a cold. Plain and simple. It's just not right!
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Ugh. Stayed up until 6am, went to sleep. Up at 9am, eyes didn't want to focus on much of anything. Went to the studio to see if a package came (which it did) and sat with Chris a while. Brain stormed with them a good hour or so. Went to Tan-A-Market with Chris, George and ...I can never remember her name. More Sac-Sac (when I got back the rest of my box had been drained, I was pissed when I saw that), two pounds of lump sugar and a ginger beer (boy does it bite!) -- went to eat lunch at a diner (very very good and reasonable prices, great service, quick turn-around -- bad parking) and then got back to the studio.

Ukrops for me, picked up some things to clean the new bathroom with, gonna do that now. Headache like you wouldn't believe, tired and my eyes still haven't decided to focus properly.


Rain and snow showers early tomorrow and through the day. Gonna get that cleaning done, arrange myself properly and see about possibly getting a nap.

Want to bring the Lady into the apartment tonight, too. So much to do, so little time.

Someone remember to remind me to both give information on the diner (I have their card) and buy some wax paper? Need to do both. Wax paper is slightly more important but it can wait a few days.
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I've recently come into some cleaned poodle fluff as well as some chow/collie/husky fluff that I'd like to try spinning -- does anyone have any experience with these on a bottom-whorl? Some quick hints, suggestions or tips? Good websites?

I'd like to try without blending into wool first but I think I might need a lighter drop spindle. Any advice is appreciated :)
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Gonna finish putting a lot of my pretties up and sort through my clothes before diving into the dishes so I can figure out what dinner will be.

I can't, for the life of me, wrap my head around this concept: I don't think anyone has ever cleaned the bathroom in this room. Doesn't surprise me at all, though. There was a thin film of dust/dirt covering nearly EVERYTHING and I've gotten just about everything cleaned up. Busy busy!

First night I'll be sleeping in the new room, too. Finally get a room to myself -- it's easily the size of the den at home if not a little bit bigger.

Bank, studio, realtor, nap and possibly thrift tomorrow. Unless it snows. And then all attempts of anything will be cancelled and the day will be spent with hot chocolate and reading. And possibly some spinning and/or knitting/crocheting.

Yep, yep, cleaning, dishes, dinner. Tra.


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