Mar. 21st, 2006

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Eight hours later and I feel much better. Mmmmm, eight hour nap.

Why are all of the large art jobs centered in California? Primarily in San Fransisco? Just seems silly. It's a crowded place already, isn't it? And expensive to live there? Why would anyone *want* to be there? oO;
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Duuuur. Almost 9am. What have I gotten accomplished? I haven't even eaten dinner breakfast. This cannot end well.

Hur. Bank, studio (d'oh! I dunno if this is possible today .-.) to grab ze Lady. I want to stop by Ukrops and pick up a jar of pickles, some pineapple and some soda but... that might be later if I grab ze Lady. I should go to the realtor today buuuut it's far away and it's coldcoldcold outside.

Balance checkbook, register for a summer class or two (four?).

ARTH 104 - SURVEY OF WESTERN ART (3 credits)
MTWRF 1030AM 1220PM, Grace Street Theatre
START: 7/13/2006 - END: 8/11/2006

That one is a must. And it starts after the 4th which means I'll probably be home for two weeks helping out and participating in JRA Day/petting zoo things.

I need to look up Biology 101 labs (1 credit), ARTF figure drawing II (1 credit) and an English (3 credits). I'll be set, then, I think (though I realise that any English I'll take will end up being something I don't need because I'm not a junior and the English department doesn't see I've got three 200-levels already through transfer since a] they can't see my transcripts and b] online it says I still need to take 101 and 200 when I obviously don't).

Possibility of taking a craaaaafts studio (4 credits) and/or possibly a sculpture studio (also 4 credits -- which I need... but it's Harkleroad again if I do .-. not that I have anything against her but I definitely wanted someone new for the second half of beginning studio) and there are always tech labs.

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Bank stuff. Check.

Stopped at Rite-Aid. I'm going to try to plant some seeds here in pots, probably will have them where I'm sitting right now until they're big enough to be outside fending for themselves (too cold right now, anyway, to be outside -- can start most of them in the next few weeks).

  • Flowers: Marigolds (Petite Yellow and Petite Orange), Sweet William, "Flower Garden Mix" and Bachelor Buttons (Blue Boy).
  • Herbs: Sweet Basil, Parsley (Moss Curled) and Dill (Long Island Mammoth).
  • Fruits and Veggies: Watermelon (Sugar Baby), Cantaloupe (Hales Best), Cucumber (Straight Eight) and Tomato (Beefsteak).

    Ten-cents a piece, not bad. Picked up a Richmond paper since I'm so out of touch with the world :P No TV right now and, other than an IV feed directly into my system, that's about the best (and only) way I usually get information about what's going on outside my little bubble. TV will be here sometime next week, though -- just don't tell Patricia's da ;P

    Studio stuff. Eh. Since there's been rain as of 10:30am I've not been able to rescue my Lady from the studio. I did, however, request an advising appointment with Elizabeth (they took me off of every single notice board, advising list and the list-serv for the sculpture department -- how rude!) and I should get a reply pretty soon.

    Made groceries. Got the wax paper.

    Wonder's White Bread Lover's 100% Wheat Bread: Verdict?
    Smells so very very good. I noticed this first off when I went home -- I didn't have any to try but we did get a lot of it for the animals. Cinnamon is always partial to her Baker's Inn whole wheat and specialty items but she really went for this new stuff (she's not very up on white bread). I bought some today (needed bread and it was on sale *PLUS* it had a use-in-store coupon -- why not?) and it is so very good.

    The diner from yesterday?

    Karen's Diner
    2237 W Broad Street
    Richmond, VA 23220
    Open 7 days at 6am.
    "Featuring comfort food, homemade desserts and much more."

    Time to get some work done.
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