Mar. 22nd, 2006

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First drinky. Bogart's. There is pictorial evidence in Patricia's camera.

Three whiskey sours (my mum's first choice of drinkies for me, we were supposed to go out on my 21st for whiskey sours but a] I didn't wanna when it came right down to it and b] we were doing work all day at the farm on my birthday and I got nothing), three rum and cokes (believe me when I say this: if you don't like cheap rum that tastes like what I expect ass to taste like, order the more expensive glass rather than the house choice -- southern comfort is good stuff) -- two good swallows of a bad rum and coke (again, above), two good swallows of vodka and cranberry (again, house choice, it's what Patricia drinks -- I don't like it at all), two good swallows of beer (icky, never again will I take house choice beer -- I expect it to have been Miller and it tastes like what I expect piss to taste like -- ie: not too great).

Helped Patricia up the stairs to the apartment (she was stumbling all the way) and Dave (her friend) is sleeping over.

I like my brown drinks (I must get that from da) but I can (apparently) hold my liquor (mum). Go figure.

I'll never attempt this sort of thing ever again, I swear. If I ever get another drink it will definitely be a rum and coke (the good stuff) and I'll stop at one. It's a waste of time trying to get drunk (seriously, I only feel mildly tipsy) and it's certainly a waste of money (even if it is not my own).

Patricia and Dave passed out a while ago (though Patricia passed out about half an hour before Dave and I know Patricia was completely plastered before midnight -- last call was 2am).

Nappage. See you guys later. (Seriously, if this is what mildly drunk is, I don't want it -- though I can only relate it to mildly tipsy -- the sort of feeling you get when you have a horrible headache but without the head hurting, just the slight dizziness... maybe ear infection sort of feeling without the pain? Dunno.)
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Whathefuck? No. NO. Bad Ben. WTF NO. Drinking seriously has no actual affect on me on that scale other than

1. slighly manipulating my motor skills.

(ie: walking in a dark-ish room on small steps into another dark-ish room, both full of plastered people who probably couldn't tell you the number of drinks they had that night, midnight -- yeah, I was slightly unaware that there were steps, I took a step down and my head went BOOM, my knees when "Whee, stairs, I love stairs, lets see if we can make Ashley hold onto the railing!" and it was the worst feeling in the world BUT that was the only time it actually happened. The band was good, so it was... worth it. I think. Probably. I enjoyed watching the double-keyboard-triple-harmonica guy do his solo.)

2. slightly loosening my tongue.

(ie: I was dropping profanities like a sailor. I cursed a spoon, my sandwich, the person who brought snow into the bar and spilled it onto our table [I threw it back in his face and asked him what the fuck he thought he was doing] -- all in all, if you were standing in front of me last night I probably would have made sure you knew exactly how I felt about you and I wouldn't have regretted a thing. Yes, I would have insulted and cursed at you from one end to the other.)

Neither of these are things I want to go out and do for any reason what-so-ever. Yeah, the southern comfort was pretty good. But the whiskey sour? It tastes like bitter lemonade. I don't like bitter lemonade. I don't even fucking enjoy lemonade to it's fullest extent (though I probably should) -- it's just something to drink.

A whiskey sour is just something to drink. Served with a cherry. Mmmm, cherry. Beyond that, no.

WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE GET DRUNK? I don't fucking know. There's no euphoria. There's no sense of happy for me. It's just retarded if anyone wants to go out and get drunk because it makes them 'feel good' if it makes them feel like what I felt like. Because I felt nothing.

Yeah. I made sure I had a drinky for all the right reasons last night. I've waited for all the right reasons -- a) I wanted to, b) I've got things basically in order with my life right now, c) I felt good about things up to that point and wanted to try something new, d) I had nothing important to do when I woke up the next morning.

15 Feet of Pure White Snow woke me up at 7am. I got up and it's like nothing happened. No hangover, no dizziness. No feeling of impending DOOM (which is good, really). But still no happy feeling.

Maybe it's because it takes a whole fucking lot more than what I had last night to get me plastered? I don't have a clue. I don't care. I'm not going to get plastered, though, there's no point.

I still have no idea whether or not I was acting drunk because I was seriously starting to get impaired or because I knew I'd had x-number of drinks and I should be impaired (by most standards).
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Mreh. I've gotten everything done today that I wanted to get done today. I'm going to try to get the rest of my room cleaned and then do a hop-skip-jump to the library to see about finding books on candlemaking. Before that, though, I might take a nap -- I keep having three hour nights and that's just not going well for me at the moment.
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[ profile] garney!

White Charcoal/Pastel Paper produced by Aquabee
60# paper, "Laid, textured surface with a pronounced finish"
"Excellent for charcoal and pastel"

What they don't know, however, is that it is also very good for ink line drawings and light light washes. A lot of my black and white ink drawings for the children's illustration course were done on this particular paper. Comes in tape-bound pads (to the most of my knowledge).

Mentioning all of this before I forget, I just found it -- I've almost finished cleaning! (And, yes, I've had dinner.)
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Room absolutely clean, dinner has been eaten.

I'm going to take out the trash, clean out my pitcher, make myself some tea and then hop over to the library for all of an hour or so. Books on candlemaking. Possibly take out a DVD for the night. We'll see.
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My mum is beyond cool. Wanna know why?

"Long long email! Bogart's, huh?

Okay, quick drinking lesson -- never ever mix colors -- stay with your darks or your whites -- unless you are a seasoned drinker don't mix beer and liquor. Vodka is a hard drinker's drink of choice.

Don't try and make yourself like drinking -- if you don't like it there's a reason -- just stop. Southern Comfort is your daddy's drink -- it's smooth.

We got a little snow. Nothing on the road, just on the grass and roof.

Take care of yourself!"

And, yeah, I already knew this from a long long time ago. Not the SoCo thing, I've only ever seen him with his pals Jim and Miller, but everything else. Mum's been teaching me drinking since I was way little, apparently :P

Spent way too much time in the library (I always do) but I came away with good finds!

  • Science Fiction Audiences: Watching DOCTOR WHO and STAR TREK by John Tulloch and Henry Jenkins

    Why are STAR TREK and DOCTOR WHO so popular? These two science fiction series have both survived cancellation and continue to attract a huge community of fans and followers. DOCTOR WHO has appeared in eight different TV and film guises and STAR TREK is now approaching its fourth television incarnation. SCIENCE FICTION AUDIENCES examines the continuing popularity of two television 'institutions' of our time. [pub 1995]

    I'm a dork and I had to pick it up. Henry is a Trekkie and John is a Whovian -- Kate Orman is noted in the intro.

  • The DOCTOR WHO Error Finder by RH Langley, 2005
  • The Complete Spinning Book by Candace Crockett, 1977 -- shows how to build a spinning wheel!
  • A Treasury of Knitting Patterns by Barbara G Walker, 1968

    And the fifth book is a complete mystery. Even to my fingers. Which means you'll all have to wait and see much later :P
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