Mar. 23rd, 2006

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Called the real estate assessor. This particular building and the land it sits on is estimated to be valued at $339,400.00. Now we need to call and ask the selling price through Remax. Whee.

Looked up the stable attendant position for the Richmond police. One page says it's open and another doesn't have it listed so I sent an email requesting information.

Now! To make myself presentable so I can go outside, heh. Breffie, get dressed, take my mail to the drop box. Carytown, Willow Lawn (mostly window shopping at both, I just want to get outside and take my time looking at things, I've never really looked at things around this area before -- there are supposed to be great little nooks and crannies everywhere in the Fan, right?) back here for some serious work. Should have everything done way before 6pm. Tra!

(Oh, oh! There's a bookstore called Narnia, if anyone's interested in that sort of thing, right in the Fan. Saw it the other day when George drove us to Tan-A.)
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Biked eight miles, walked about a mile and a half or so. Ten miles-ish. Easy (haha, whatever).

I love biking but I haven't really been on a bike since late 2003/early 2004. And I've never had to worry about traffic on the road, there really wasn't any to worry about. So I stayed on the sidewalk until I felt comfortable being on the actual road. Didn't get hit. Still can't keep myself steady long enough to do hand signals. I need to either buy or make triggered lights so I can have signal blinkers :P

Window shopping is fun... but I should have definitely gotten lunch today. And I didn't have breffie, either. And no one laugh -- I made sure I looked a little out of place today. Waistcoat, proper pointy collar, cravat, outer coat. When I passed folks in their yards and on the sidewalk I kept seeing big smiles so it's all good :D

Guuuuh, out to walk another three miles round trip -- gonna get my Lady and get back here so I can fix myself a great meal and enjoy the rest of my night. I think there might be a good bit of pasta and salad to be had for dinner. Nice cup of hot tea with a good book would be nice.
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Heh. On the way to the studio I saw Alex Bostic (illustration professor) taking pictures of a parking meter. So I stopped, asked him how he was doing and all that jazz. Long story short: He still wants me in the Communication Arts department. Short story long: Anything by Dickens.

On the way back to the apartment I actually stopped with my Lady on the sidewalk when I heard a bunch of kids asking "What's that? What's that?" Put the Lady down on the sidewalk to face them and stepped back. Turned it a quarter and stepped back. Turned it a quarter and stepped back. Turned it a quarter and stepped back. Grinning the whole time, I'm sure.

I'm going to say that the kiddies were satisfied by getting to see it the whole way around rather than me saying anything (because I didn't say anything until I moved to leave, told the ladies to have a good afternoon).

Dinner fixing, dinner, possibly watch a movie or sommat and then sit down to read. All things considered... today was a good day.
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Two images with a little text :P )

Also! I picked up a copy of Spin Off (Winter 2005) because they had a section about dog hair yarn (among other things) -- does anyone have a copy of Fall 2005 they no longer want or need? I'd be happy to pay shipping and/or the cover price. Gonna look on eBay to see if anyone's got it up for sale and then check on interweave to see what they charge for back copies.

And, no, this is not an invite to get me a subscription :P I just sent mum an email telling her I wanted only one thing for my 22nd birthday (other than that small ball of lime green yarn that no one has bothered to say "Hey, she must really want that small ball of lime green yarn that she keeps saying she wants whenever I ask her what she wants for christmas/her birthday" yet...) and she can get it for only $22 if she acts right now. Yes, the 5 issues of Spin Off deal going on right now. I'll see what she says later X3


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