Mar. 24th, 2006

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I want it to rain. Really really hard. So I don't have to listen to that oh-so-cheerful bird calling up the sun.

Where did the time go? I haven't a clue. Am I tired? Heck yes. Am I sleeping yet?

Thunderstorm would be nice.
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The 5 10 Things Needed meme. Google "* needs" and post the results.

1 - Ashley needs our help!
2 - Ashley needs love, attention.
3 - Ashley needs a very patient, accepting and loving family that will give her lots of time, attention and support.
4 - Ashley needs that kind of camaraderie when it comes to the challenges before his team.
5 - Ashley needs a new lease of life.
6 - Ashley needs a new pose for pics.
7 - Ashley needs to be more realistic in her expectations.
8 - Ashley needs to move into the wetland so it can expand an assembly line and have more loading space adjacent to the railroad. (Is that what they're calling it these days?)
9 - Ashley needs me to comment... and I dont ._.
10 - Ashley needs to shoot more. (Shoot more what?)

Mmmmstilts. Not bad, not bad at all. Other than the fact that I have either a) a strange set of stilts that lean awkwardly on my left foot OR b) I have a rather awkward way of walking on my left foot that I hadn't noticed until I was placed roughly two-to-three feet into the air.

I'm pretty sure I have a strange walk that I'd never noticed until today, though. The way I constantly trip over my own feet? I'd have to. (...and I'm putting myself way up in the air when I know I trip over my own feet. Daredevil or just plain stupid?)

The whole stiltwalking thing, though, is really easy. Just walking, that's all. As long as I get a hold of that left foot I'll be A-okay, I don't think I was nervous at all. Chris, however, was holding my hand to help me keep balance (which was kinda funny since I'm already a foot taller than she is on flat land) and she was more jittery than I was.

Patricia's cat only likes me because I'm fun to play with -- she runs away when I try to pet her little noggin :\

Mum'll be here at 5pm. From there... I won't be online again until sometime Sunday night. So! G'night. I'm gonna have soooo much fun at the auction tomorrow :D


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