Mar. 31st, 2006

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Anyone on my friends list do custom MLPs or repainting of barbies? Know good tutorials for repainting/doing stuff with the hair?

Have six "barbie" dolls that I rescued today and I'm almost finished getting them half-way together (untangling their hair) -- plan to construct doll-sized versions of the dresses in my sketchbooks for them. For something to do, of course. It gets rather boring not having a job or classes :\

EDIT: These are my girls! With no faces! =D

The three sitting have twisty waists and the three standing have... no waists. I couldn't get around not pulling/teasing some of the tangled hair out on the comb. So I now have a small pile of different coloured "barbie" hair.

Which I will probably be using in a spinning project at some point!

...maybe I can even string in some little pink Barbie shoes. I'm such a silly.
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Lalala. 106 yards, two ply. Wool, silk and mohair. Semi-bulky. I'll have it listed on the website (which I'll probably work on getting up-up this weekend) with pictures in a little while.

For now, though, I'm going to have lunch dinner.


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