Apr. 4th, 2006

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You ought to be able to make things look effortless no matter how difficult they may be. You might also be ready to take a few risks and make some fresh starts. Your confidence level may have started rising a bit lately and you might be feeling eager for a few new challenges. And you can probably expect some interesting developments at this time.

I might be able to make things look effortless but I sure don't want to do anything today .-. Slept ten hours last night, feel horrible, blah. I just want to get rid of this head cold for good.

And get a fun job that I'm good at *AND* I like. It doesn't have to pay extremely well as long as the other three qualities are present. As I've said time and time again: "I've done worse. For less pay."
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Well, that's one way to get me up and running.

Kitty just snuck in here and kidnapped one of the barbies. I gave chase only to find she had stolen *two* of them. Geez. I gave her one to play with already, she has to have all of them?

I like having my door open (which I've found a lot of people don't like doing... why?) so I guess I'm going to have to take all of my 'kitty play-things' and shove them into the closet. But I don't want to...

...because if I do that, I'll forget about them and never finish what I've started .-.

Kitty play-things include wool, other fibers, dolls, cloth, Q-tips, paint brushes and yarn. Particularly my wool/natural fiber yarns. Baaaah.
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Ahaha. I find this funny because I've been surrounding myself with this colour the past two weeks.

Ashley, the brightest color in your aura is Orange

Contrary to popular myth, auras are actually multi-colored energy fields that can be divided into seven primary layers. Having Orange as your brightest color means that the second layer of your aura is the most vibrant. You have exceptional abilities to use your feelings as your mental, physical, and spiritual guides. Your keen awareness of your emotions allows your energy to move freely through the Emotional layer of your aura, where energy most often gets stuck for others. This can help you avoid a variety of emotional and physical ailments.

42 Questions, from Tickle
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Well, its Tuesday. Tuesday nights, apparently, mean Bogart's....

And me... a tag-a-long, I suppose. (Heh, though last Tuesday there was no Bogart's, thankfully.)

One drink and one drink -ONLY- if someone else buys it. My money is only going towards fries tonight :P That... and I know Patricia reeeeeally wants to see me sloshed. Not happening.

OH, and while I'm thinking about it... pictures of ze evil barbie-stealing Kitty, her rendezvous with the Lady, the VCU mug I'm drinking out of right now and, uh, what I did to my hair this past Friday.

I need someone to take this camera away from me.... )
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Anyone scour their wool in the tub/sink? Have any tips on how to keep the bitty wool bits from going down the drain? I'd rather not pick the drain with a DPN every time I wash my wool.

In other news -- I just washed a natural coloured fleece! :D Should be dry by late tomorrow, methinks. Just in time to start planning what to do with it.

This wool, by the way, came in a 5-pound lot. Mixed (but kept seperately): 1-lb of Cotswold, 1-lb of Targhee, a little bit of Romney, some Merino and some mystery fiber.

The mystery fiber went to Chris!

I've forgotten what the natural coloured I've just washed is, though. She sent me a bit of Shetland from a sheep called Duncan (also natural coloured) that was washed, the Cotswold is marked and needs washing, the Targhee is marked and washed, there's a bag of unmarked white wool that needs washing, I'd guess that's Romney. Stab in the dark (haha, yes, the wool is dark) -- what I washed should be Merino.


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