Apr. 5th, 2006

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Ah, yes. Of course Patricia bought me a whiskey sour. And I bought myself a grilled cheese and fries (yay!).

A group of guys came over, sat with us. They left after a little while (haha, Doyle thought I was strange because I took several shots of sugar) to go to another bar and then two other guys came around. The first one (Matt) stayed while the other one (Jimbo) left to talk to Patricia. Talked about majors, talked about what we'd rather be doing. Turns out he has a passion for farming but doesn't know how to get into it. So I flat out told him how to go about doing it (sheep! or trucking llamas from Pennsylvania to turn a buck down south).

"I've castrated cattle before...."
"Oh really? I've castrated sheep, goats, cows and pigs."
"...that's hot."

Also turns out that both of them are from Dinnwiddie. And they know the Flynns. How odd is that?

Matt slipped me his number. I have no intentions of calling him .-. Do wish him luck, though.

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I'm going to keep telling myself that I don't need any more horned dorset wool, I have half a pound already that is clean but I'm not doing anything with it. There's nearly 150 pounds of wool walking around in the pasture, I don't need to buy wool from other people.

I seriously have a fiber addiction. But that's okay... as long as it doesn't hurt myself or anyone else .-.

Today's plans include the following:

* Take care of apartment business
* Spinning wool
* Washing wool
* Take apart the rest of the sweater
* Take apart the various odds and ends in the corner
* Make a quick lunch
* Make a nice dinner
* Read more of HP6
* Get some 2-D work done
* Renew my library books (...can't forget that ever again)
* Make appropriate webbie plans

Also! I need to finish the three afghan squares and get them sent out pretty soon :\
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Oh my. What kind of fiber/roving is this, [livejournal.com profile] hannie345?

I'm getting 30 WPI! :O
In other news... bye bye everything on my webbie except the front page that's up there now. Time to dump everything and start over. Like the last few times. Guh, I hate websites, I never can settle with them .-.

If I don't have it backed up on my Fizzgig, it's gonna be gone forever in the next few minutes. I don't even want to look through everything first, I'll just change my mind and nothing will get done.
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...they're looking .-.
4.4 miles away, could easily ride the bike there or find a bus.

There's a temp position at RIR on MS&WF weekend (DAMN IT), would mean about $200 for three days.

Berkeley Hotel is looking for wait staff, et al. (2 miles)

There's a position for a house painter BUT you need "own transportation" meaning... you're up shit creek without a canoe if you don't drive.

And there's a gig helping to get democrats elected in virginia. Could do it, don't care to.


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