Apr. 10th, 2006

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Chris, I know you read through some of this every now and again. So! If you read this, great. If you don't, it is here for me to find again later and hit myself over the head for forgetting to mention it to you.

April 7, 2006
Show Me Your Metal is an exhibition that is open to all artists in the United States and abroad working in metal. Artists are encouraged to submit works in or about metal. Jewelry will not be considered. The Target Gallery is pleased to have David Hess serve as our juror. David Hess is a sculptor based in Baltimore, MD. He has exhibited throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and his work can be seen at various locations including the Baltimore-Washington International Airport, the Baltimore Museum of Industry and the American Visionary Art Museum. Show dates June 7 - July 16, 2006. Entry fee. $500 in award money. For a prospectus, send a SASE to: Target Gallery, Torpedo Factory Art Center, 105 North Union St, Alexandria VA 22314 OR targetgallery@torpedofactory.org

Also for Chris (but also for you fiber artists):

April 21, 2006
Call for Art- "Fiber Fever".
Exhibition Dates: June 9-July 21, 2006. Open to all working artists, accepting artwork that explores the expressive uses of any kind of fiber. May be functional, non-functional, traditional, contemporary, woven, felted, knitted, twined, paper, quilted, stitched, or unexpected. Awards one "Going Solo" or $1,000 cash and one Group 4 Award. A maximum of three entries per artist for jury may be submitted with a non-refundable fee of $35. One slide/jpeg per entry or submit a CD. Use jpeg on PC format only. (Do not use photo shop or other software to submit.) Applications are available at: www.foundryartcentre.org. Email jpegs to: showentry@foundryartcentre.org. Complete entry form and mail with fee to: Foundry Art Centre, 520 North Main Center St, Charles MO 63301 OR 636-255-0270

FOUND A GOOD JOB LEAD yay. Following it, maybe I'll have a response before mid-week saying yes or no (hopefully) -- tours of historic Richmond (EXCELLENT). A few other things, too.

What ever happened to me making things for MS&WF? Slacker. Maybe I'll turn out one before deadline.

Went into the kitchen for a snack and managed to step down on my left foot wrong. Always the left, never fails.

EDIT: While I'm posting artistic opportunities...

http://www.c4fap.org/ --> 'calls for entry'

* Photo Works of the 21st Century and Beyond - Entries Due by May 1, 2006
* On the Edge - Entries Due by May 29, 2006

Future Calls for Entry - 2006 * Myths, entries will be due July 10
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Even though your head could be buzzing with all sorts of interesting plans and ideas, try to not make any major decisions just yet. There should be a lot of activity and conversation going on around you right now, and some interesting news could be coming from afar today. Just try to absorb as much as you possibly can and sort the rest out later.

Note to self: 121x2, 72. G'night G'mornin.
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Eh. Why am I always the last person to know about these viewings? Just finished my shower and got a snack, then BOOM! knock on the door. Yay, it's the house showing people.

"...I hope you got a message saying we were coming today?"
"No, but come in! *waves them all inside*"
"I'm really sorry about this."
"Can't fault you, you're only doing your job."
"*PAUSE* That is a very good way to look at it, I'm glad you're so understanding."

So! Overhearing things, since they all talk loud -- someone has given them an offer on this building but nothing is final. Pfft. Hopefully it'll be another realty company and they won't jack up the rent .-. I *LIKE* living here.
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Cyborg in exchange for free rent!


And this job sounds really interesting. Too bad I'm not comfortable working with a chop saw =P Nail guns and rulers, though, those things are awesome.

In other news: Package from my Yarn Fairy! :D

Greeeeeen things -- two skeins of nylon yarn and a door hanger/sign that can be decorated! Sanku!


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