Apr. 13th, 2006

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Lift off!

...I'm going to find something productive to do, now. But I have to make sure I'm here between 2 and 5 for the Comcast person. City life (without a job) sucks .-.
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You know... I never do anything worth while anymore. 2-D, at least. Traditional stuff. Well... much of anything, really -- don't feel like doing things, spend all of my time fussing over fibers and yarn. Haven't time to do much else when I'm always doing that, do I?

At any rate... I was lazy and never put this into the mail.

My letter to Tim! =P )

Beware. I shouldn't be allowed prismacolor markers, I swear.

It will probably end up in your mail at some point, Tim, I just don't know when :P

EDIT: I didn't realise my camera took such a good picture of it :O So a better full picture instead of a small image with a close-up! ...you can even read the date under my name, that's awesome! Good camera!
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The Cat Returns = teh awesome. The Baron is great X3

I am the DOCTOR! )


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