Apr. 20th, 2006

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The song I choose for Tooth and Claw? The Werewolf Song (obvious?) by Cat Power, the album 'You Are Free'. It even somewhat matches the howling you find on the BBC webbie.

Lyrics )

MegaUpload -- 4:08. I share because I love you to help broaden your musical interests. If you like, consider buying the album -- no pressure.

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I am NOT pleased with the Richmond post folks.

I JUST got my Spin Off magazine today, she JUST put it into my box. The cover is ruined, the spine is broken and dog earred. There are marks all over it. PISSED OFF, thanks.

In other news... )

Walked probably about seven or eight miles today. Got nothing accomplished.

Did get an application for the Call Center job at 912 Grace. Sounds promising.

Just got finished with my interview with Lauren (...so strange, I hate cameras. Really.) and she brought me my mail.

Might be getting a bunbun! Shh. She's a chocolate brown Netherland Dwarf, retired show bun. Named Estrella. I had to respond, if she can't find any suitable home for it I'm going to take it in.

Piddling about, now. Tra.
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I have a MS&WF Catalogue. When'd I request that?

At any rate... looking through my ruined Spin Off, finish going through my mail that Lauren brought me... find dinner, finish project. I'm very happy with how this project is going, by the way.

Have also put myself up on the NASCAR listing for help the weekend of MS&WF, soooo... yeah, not going this year. Rent and other bills come first. Next year, though.

And it will be hella sweet.

Chris? What say ye to a trek to Rhinebeck this year instead?
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SUBJECT: I want to sell your artwork through our stores

I think your artwork is wonderful. We work hand in hand with the largest stores in the country, plus thousands of small to medium sized specialty businesses stretched across the U.S. If you want the opportunity to sell your artwork through major retailers plus the other 17825 art galleries, 51005 gift stores, 6088 craft stores, 2990 craft galleries, and over 24000 mail-order catalogs ... check us out at http://www.VendorPro.com

Brian Miller

...where the heck did they see artwork that was 'wonderful'? oO; There's nothing on the webbie, there's nothing really worth looking at on my public galleries. Huh. Yay scammy.

"Give us $340 and we'll hook you and your artwork up with sales." Give me a break.
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Read it and read it NOW or I smite thee.


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