Apr. 22nd, 2006

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Sorry for zonking out on ya last night, Chris :\

In other news, it is thundering up a storm (har har) and the lights just flickered a bit. So who knows what today will bring, eh?

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THIS SONG DESERVES FANVIDDING if it hasn't been done already. I swear. And I just realised it, too. I'm such a doofus -- I can see clips from the eps and all.

Counting Down the Days - Natalie Imbruglia

Lyrics )

MegaUpload - 4:09. As always, blahblahblah. Mmmkay?

Oh, and I keep track of which songs I put up -- you can see them here (most are friends-locked). Some are, obviously, gone now. If you want a re-upload, lemme know.
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In The Ribos Operation the Doctor kisses the TARDIS console.

Doctor: "A hole? What's a hole doing in my TARDIS?"
Romana: "I put it there."
Doctor: "You? You... put a hole in my TARDIS. Nevermind, old girl, nevermind. I'll soon have it fixed." *Kisses the hole*

No giggling.

51-percent at the second attempt? Hee.
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Oh my.

Again, again!

Chris, you're gonna love this :D

PS - I'm doing an one off job tomorrow just after noon, demolition work and clean up in a house someone's renovating. Should be fun!

Should also help pay bills, gack.
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I've managed to watch it three times so far, front to back. That's quite a bit silly, true, but I've done it. And now I'm going to spew forth random gibberish that shouldn't be read if you don't want to be spoiled. So! Tooth and Claw, away (with pictures!): Read more... )

Poor Doc. Torchwood. Blahblahend.

Next week, Sarah-Jane! :D On Earth, no less! (Rule breaker.)

Time to work on other things. I've wasted too much time on this already (what, four hours? Yes, I think so).

PS: Good graphics, nice sounds, NOT SCARY. Fuu. This was a fun romp, not scary at all -- I'd like to think I'd say the same if I were a lot younger. Then again, I've always liked big and 'scary' animals. There, too, I've always loved mice and most kids I grew up with were terrified of them (hah, I even smuggled some into school one day... come to think, mum brought a lamb after one day to pick me up from band practice -- largest guy there was dead scared of it).


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