Apr. 23rd, 2006

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Vegan Chili in-a-can? Not great. In fact, I'm going to throw it out, the kitty won't even sniff at it long.

Back to the cabinet. Ramen after midnight yet again, methinks. Though I do have spicy fries in the freezer. Mmmmspicyfries. They require no pots or pans, just the broiler. S'all good. (All pots and pans are occupied by food, burned and non, old and fresh, whathaveyou... I'm not touching them right now).
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Terileptils are fun :D

TERI: "[...] Especially when you are my prisoner... and your ship is for the taking."
DOCTOR: "I cannot let you do that."
TERI: "You are not in a position to refuse."
DOCTOR: "The TARDIS is a very tempermental machine needing very careful handling...!"
TERI: "Oh, we shall see that is is handled with the utmost care."
DOCTOR: "You didn't take very good care of your own ship."
TERI: "If it had not been badly damaged in an asteroid storm it would not have succombed to the gravitational pull of this planet."
DOCTOR: "I gather it's breakup made a rather impressive spectacle."

-The Visitation, Doctor Who


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