Apr. 25th, 2006

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Try to be extra careful with your temper today because you could be feeling a little confrontational right now. Your confidence should be high and you're not likely to let anyone take advantage of you in any way. If you find yourself feeling a little restless, a good dose of exercise should help to relieve some of that nervous tension today.

I'm glad I want to walk to Fin and Feather today, I'll be off pretty soon to do that. Bit of knitting first, though, I should think.

And breakfast.

Estrella slept on my pallet all night, I don't see how she managed that. Kitty annoyed her once and angrily beat upon my keyboard slightly afterwards -- she's extremely jealous, 'Strella seems to fight back but kitty is saying "THAT IS MY SPOT! HOW DARE YOU?!"

Oh well. Work, more work and workityworkwork.
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Something I've been incredibly amused by the last few days:

Karaoke Queen, Catatonia (Equally Cursed and Blessed album)

Lyrics )

MegaUpload, 5:06. Blahblahblah.

I've gotten quite a bit done on my lace knitting project (personal) -- 240 across and, so far, I've managed five deep. But I started on it when I woke up this morning so I can't really complain :D Off to Fin and Feather, now, tra.
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On Wednesday April 26th (12:00 noon) I will be doing a Plaster Raking Demo for anyone interested in learning this technique. It's a great way to make large scale and small scale objects out of plaster for prototypes or final works of art. The demo will take place in the mold-making area of the foundry.


As long as I have nothing else to do tomorrow I am GOING to this.
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I go back to Fin & Feather Thursday with my official application filled out. I will primarily take care of the fish (fresh and salt) and the puppies (they started puppies two months ago and they're a little hard for the current staff to keep up with) -- they'll teach me the rest when the time comes.

With this new development... yeah, I splurged a tiny bit. Came back and picked up four tubes of watercolour paint (Cotman Winsor & Newton -- Payne's Gray, Cadmium Red Hue, Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue and Prussian Blue) and watercolour BOARDS (because I prefer boards to papers, very much so). All on sale, all good prices. I'll make up for it later, undoubtedly.

Y'know, I walked a total of about fifteen miles today... exhausted isn't the word for it.


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