Apr. 26th, 2006

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For those of you who create kick-ass LJ layouts (or know folks who do) and would like a chance to nab a one-off paying job doing it.

Passing out now, tra.
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So the last two nights Estrella has slept at the foot of my make-shift bed. She has her trust issues and she has her "Rawr rawr rawr, I bite j00" issues, too. I mean, come on, you would too if you were basically a cage bunny for a year without much interaction.

I've given up one of my favorite shirts and my best blanket for her to sleep on (she chose them, who am I to complain?) -- night before she just stayed in one spot, near my feet. Last night she was all over the place, looking interested in just about everything. Kept hopping onto my face when she was scooting about but, eh, I've had cats do that. No big deal.

So she's been having this "Rawr rawr rawr" thing whenever anyone comes to pet her. Starts grunting and popping her little feet out, snapping her little teeth. Okay, I can handle that. That's not a problem. When she does it with Patricia and April... and anyone else, yeah, that's a bit too much.

Not everyone is as insane as I am -- I go out in search of the feral kittens at the farm, they hiss and spit and bite and claw and I keep going about picking them up. I'm insane :P

But this morning she was a little different. She'd come TO an outstretched hand wanting to get pets and scritches. She saw my hand come out and would literally come from the very end of the pallet to my hand like she never had trust issues before. Kept playing with her, got up and told her it was time to get some water and breakfast. Bent down to pick her up and she snipped at me, I just don't get it.

Oh well. Breakfast and then working on various projects! Tra :D
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I have never met a rabbit that would eat it's own poo. Apparently rabbits produce caecotrophs which, yeah, they eat. They also produce regular waste and that's left alone.

I've also been wondering why she prostrates herself at me for petting -- she'll bow down really quickly, tuck her ears down, stretch out her body and raise her rear a bit. Apparently that's rabbit for "You're my subordinate, groom me." I find it terribly amusing -- she'll try to get into my paints or on my 'desk' or sommat... I'll move to grab her and she runs to my side demanding grooming.

She doesn't groom me back, though. Just nips and moves my hand.

I've been trying to write this for the last hour or so. That's how much she has been demanding attention tonight.


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