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For those of you who create kick-ass LJ layouts (or know folks who do) and would like a chance to nab a one-off paying job doing it.

Passing out now, tra.
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I go back to Fin & Feather Thursday with my official application filled out. I will primarily take care of the fish (fresh and salt) and the puppies (they started puppies two months ago and they're a little hard for the current staff to keep up with) -- they'll teach me the rest when the time comes.

With this new development... yeah, I splurged a tiny bit. Came back and picked up four tubes of watercolour paint (Cotman Winsor & Newton -- Payne's Gray, Cadmium Red Hue, Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue and Prussian Blue) and watercolour BOARDS (because I prefer boards to papers, very much so). All on sale, all good prices. I'll make up for it later, undoubtedly.

Y'know, I walked a total of about fifteen miles today... exhausted isn't the word for it.
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On Wednesday April 26th (12:00 noon) I will be doing a Plaster Raking Demo for anyone interested in learning this technique. It's a great way to make large scale and small scale objects out of plaster for prototypes or final works of art. The demo will take place in the mold-making area of the foundry.


As long as I have nothing else to do tomorrow I am GOING to this.
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Something I've been incredibly amused by the last few days:

Karaoke Queen, Catatonia (Equally Cursed and Blessed album)

Lyrics )

MegaUpload, 5:06. Blahblahblah.

I've gotten quite a bit done on my lace knitting project (personal) -- 240 across and, so far, I've managed five deep. But I started on it when I woke up this morning so I can't really complain :D Off to Fin and Feather, now, tra.
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Try to be extra careful with your temper today because you could be feeling a little confrontational right now. Your confidence should be high and you're not likely to let anyone take advantage of you in any way. If you find yourself feeling a little restless, a good dose of exercise should help to relieve some of that nervous tension today.

I'm glad I want to walk to Fin and Feather today, I'll be off pretty soon to do that. Bit of knitting first, though, I should think.

And breakfast.

Estrella slept on my pallet all night, I don't see how she managed that. Kitty annoyed her once and angrily beat upon my keyboard slightly afterwards -- she's extremely jealous, 'Strella seems to fight back but kitty is saying "THAT IS MY SPOT! HOW DARE YOU?!"

Oh well. Work, more work and workityworkwork.
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Fin & Feather just emailed me, apparently they ARE looking for someone but won't come out and say it.

Estrella has made it safe and sound, she's a sweetie and she's getting used to the room :)
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Terileptils are fun :D

TERI: "[...] Especially when you are my prisoner... and your ship is for the taking."
DOCTOR: "I cannot let you do that."
TERI: "You are not in a position to refuse."
DOCTOR: "The TARDIS is a very tempermental machine needing very careful handling...!"
TERI: "Oh, we shall see that is is handled with the utmost care."
DOCTOR: "You didn't take very good care of your own ship."
TERI: "If it had not been badly damaged in an asteroid storm it would not have succombed to the gravitational pull of this planet."
DOCTOR: "I gather it's breakup made a rather impressive spectacle."

-The Visitation, Doctor Who
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Vegan Chili in-a-can? Not great. In fact, I'm going to throw it out, the kitty won't even sniff at it long.

Back to the cabinet. Ramen after midnight yet again, methinks. Though I do have spicy fries in the freezer. Mmmmspicyfries. They require no pots or pans, just the broiler. S'all good. (All pots and pans are occupied by food, burned and non, old and fresh, whathaveyou... I'm not touching them right now).
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I've managed to watch it three times so far, front to back. That's quite a bit silly, true, but I've done it. And now I'm going to spew forth random gibberish that shouldn't be read if you don't want to be spoiled. So! Tooth and Claw, away (with pictures!): Read more... )

Poor Doc. Torchwood. Blahblahend.

Next week, Sarah-Jane! :D On Earth, no less! (Rule breaker.)

Time to work on other things. I've wasted too much time on this already (what, four hours? Yes, I think so).

PS: Good graphics, nice sounds, NOT SCARY. Fuu. This was a fun romp, not scary at all -- I'd like to think I'd say the same if I were a lot younger. Then again, I've always liked big and 'scary' animals. There, too, I've always loved mice and most kids I grew up with were terrified of them (hah, I even smuggled some into school one day... come to think, mum brought a lamb after one day to pick me up from band practice -- largest guy there was dead scared of it).
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Oh my.

Again, again!

Chris, you're gonna love this :D

PS - I'm doing an one off job tomorrow just after noon, demolition work and clean up in a house someone's renovating. Should be fun!

Should also help pay bills, gack.
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In The Ribos Operation the Doctor kisses the TARDIS console.

Doctor: "A hole? What's a hole doing in my TARDIS?"
Romana: "I put it there."
Doctor: "You? You... put a hole in my TARDIS. Nevermind, old girl, nevermind. I'll soon have it fixed." *Kisses the hole*

No giggling.

51-percent at the second attempt? Hee.
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THIS SONG DESERVES FANVIDDING if it hasn't been done already. I swear. And I just realised it, too. I'm such a doofus -- I can see clips from the eps and all.

Counting Down the Days - Natalie Imbruglia

Lyrics )

MegaUpload - 4:09. As always, blahblahblah. Mmmkay?

Oh, and I keep track of which songs I put up -- you can see them here (most are friends-locked). Some are, obviously, gone now. If you want a re-upload, lemme know.
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Sorry for zonking out on ya last night, Chris :\

In other news, it is thundering up a storm (har har) and the lights just flickered a bit. So who knows what today will bring, eh?

Stolen from illucian )
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Currently, we don't have any openings in my department, art studio, museum shop, or in the guest services. I will keep your resume in case something changes. Thanks for your interest. This IS a great organization and place to work. I'm glad Julz likes it. Your background sounds interesting and varied. I wish you the best in what you pursue.

Beanie Brown Kelly
Gallery Programs Manager
Children's Museum of Richmond

At least they'll keep my information for future reference.
stellie: (hop for your life!) is going on? Brilliant lightning and then a crack/rumble of thunder that lasted a good, oh, fifteen seconds.

And now more thunder.

Love storms and all but this won't do.
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Don't try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night.
- Philip K. Dick

Eh, who cares? I'm going to take a nice HOT bath, let everything melt away for a little while and then sit down to work on my project. Everything is set out and waiting, I just need a good melt. And, as I'm at it, I think I'll drag along a book. And open the windows -- when I come back into the room I want a nice cool breeze, yes.

If anyone has great grape/grapevine/vineyard pictures, show 'em!
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Read it and read it NOW or I smite thee.
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SUBJECT: I want to sell your artwork through our stores

I think your artwork is wonderful. We work hand in hand with the largest stores in the country, plus thousands of small to medium sized specialty businesses stretched across the U.S. If you want the opportunity to sell your artwork through major retailers plus the other 17825 art galleries, 51005 gift stores, 6088 craft stores, 2990 craft galleries, and over 24000 mail-order catalogs ... check us out at

Brian Miller

...where the heck did they see artwork that was 'wonderful'? oO; There's nothing on the webbie, there's nothing really worth looking at on my public galleries. Huh. Yay scammy.

"Give us $340 and we'll hook you and your artwork up with sales." Give me a break.


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