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Is it just me... or do most people not read the rules before doing something? oO;

dA Artisian Crafts is having a Plushie Competiton.

2. Can it be fanart plushies?

Half of the current entries *ARE* fanart.

10. Can I submit things I have already submitted into AC prior to the publishing of the contest?
NO. I can't believe I forgot to specify this. Please let this be a NEW entry to AC. Thanks. :)

A few are reposts.

In other news... I've done 30 rows on my olympics piece. Nearly finished with the colour work on the first cuff and I'm already tired of working on it. Mostly because it's a bit warm in here and I need to eat dinner.

Know why chicken coops have 2 doors?

If they had 4 doors they'd be chicken sedans.
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Really crappy clippet! I've done my little gauge swatch. Those stitches are hella tiny but they seem to work up pretty fast (and I delight in making small things, anyway) so this sweater thing shouldn't be too bad. Sixteen days. Starting tomorrow at 2pm.

Let the insanity begin.

I caved.

Jan. 22nd, 2006 06:12 pm
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Original Design Project! 2/10/2006 - 2/16/2006.


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