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S-JS: "Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?"
Rose: "Oh, yeah, yeahyeah, all the time! I'm like 'Do you two want to be alone?'"
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Terileptils are fun :D

TERI: "[...] Especially when you are my prisoner... and your ship is for the taking."
DOCTOR: "I cannot let you do that."
TERI: "You are not in a position to refuse."
DOCTOR: "The TARDIS is a very tempermental machine needing very careful handling...!"
TERI: "Oh, we shall see that is is handled with the utmost care."
DOCTOR: "You didn't take very good care of your own ship."
TERI: "If it had not been badly damaged in an asteroid storm it would not have succombed to the gravitational pull of this planet."
DOCTOR: "I gather it's breakup made a rather impressive spectacle."

-The Visitation, Doctor Who
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In The Ribos Operation the Doctor kisses the TARDIS console.

Doctor: "A hole? What's a hole doing in my TARDIS?"
Romana: "I put it there."
Doctor: "You? You... put a hole in my TARDIS. Nevermind, old girl, nevermind. I'll soon have it fixed." *Kisses the hole*

No giggling.

51-percent at the second attempt? Hee.


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