Jan. 4th, 2006

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Five baby pigs from our pig run this morning.

One single kid goat (boy, 'smiley' coloured) from Little Smiley.
One single kid goat (boy, brown) from a white yearling doe.
One single kid goat (boy, black with a white dot on it's head) from Little Sister with waddles.

One set of twins (both boys, one brown and one white with a black head) -- the brown died shortly after being born and the other is in the house. She had a horrible time with them -- the first's head was twisted backwards and she'd been there for a while trying to push and had gotten no where. We had to pull him - he was premature and his lungs were not functional. The second (there was no way, in our minds, that she'd have a second as large as the first one was) came out back feet first (very wrong) and when we got back to check on her his little head was still in his mum. Got him together, he's still very much alive and drank four ounces a few minutes ago.

Entirely too many babies for two people to keep up with, here!
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Updated [livejournal.com profile] midnights_pawn. Remember, that image is something I'm working on for late cards :P If I have your address you're going to get one, no problem.

I forgot to mention that today I saw a little boy not quite two years old. He was playing shy, hiding behind his little ball cap. So every time he'd peek around the hat I'd make a noise at him randomly.

He kept peeking. I kept making that silly little noise.

His mother pointed out that I was impersonating Blue (the little cartoon dog from Blue's Clues) and that he knew those sounds really well.

No wonder he was grinning from ear to ear. Go figure.


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