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 Tomorrow will be two things:

1) Appointment with neurologist (no worries, twice a year until he moves me back to once a year - at least it isn't once every two months!).

2) A week after my great-uncle died in his sleep.

If you're near a dill pickle tomorrow - be it a bite or a whole pickled cucumber straight out of a massive jar - please eat it in his stead.  It was the one thing he truly wanted when I mentioned the words a few months ago, but his wife refused him such want.

He's in a better place:  Away from his second wife and back in the arms of the wife he left, but still loved to his dying day.
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I might as well. )
As far as the wild flora, the roses have died back to bring 'round the honeysuckle and privet scents. Blackberries are rampant. The pasture looks like a sea of yellow because of the buttercups, but I would rather them than our usual sneezeweed. (We have the one on the far right.)
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Look what stellie did! =D


(I found it in my old web design scrap files, it amused me.)
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I'm all over the place -_-; I've spent the first hour catching up, the second hour flitting between pages, and the third is still up for grabs.

Please note:

Saturday, May 6th, and Sunday, May 7th (2017)?
MARYLAND SHEEP & WOOL FESTIVAL!! :D Not going, but I've wanted to be able to go since 1999.

Why 1999? I took second place in an essay competition for the chance to win a purebred registered katadin ewe lamb. I've been wanting to go there ever since (and actually used the show as an excuse that year to get out of feeling guilty for telling someone no to their prom invite).

[...]  There's a $5.oo fee :O It's always been free ;_;  But still - if anyone goes (doubtful), make sure you take LOTS of friggen pictures :D 
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Not enough time to do everything, but I can say that I'll have my old 'separate' art journal transfered over soon to [personal profile] midnights_pawn. I'll get jingle_jangle sorted out at some point, but I'll probably just keep that on LJ anyway. Bother the Republic, I'm my own--

Wait a tick. Why did LJ make me sign *DING!* on jingle_jangle and midnights_pawn, but not stellie?

Am I a--

(No, couldn't be.)


EDIT: Oh, look! A distraction! Mood-Bunnies!
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Going back through some of my old LJ posts I've found a few things that have interested me a bit. Doesn't really matter, now, for some of them - I don't belong to them anymore.

Here's two that might pop back into memory for some, but I doubt it.

The Johari and Nohari Windows.

Yes, it has been a very, very long time. I'm due for a repeat, as I am no longer me.


Apr. 15th, 2017 08:52 am
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There. Done. Finished.

Sit. Stay. Good blog.


May. 2nd, 2006 10:08 pm
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Subject: "Don't be left behing - the enlargement revolution!"

"Penis Enlarge Patch Rx
Amazing Medical Breakthrough in Penis Enlargement!"

I'll leave the rest to imagination. And, yes, the typos/awkwardnesses were in the actual email.

PS: Despite the icon -- this is NOT TARDIS innuendo. Unless, of course, the email was directed AT the TARDIS. And, in that case... *shudder*
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Letter from PETA requesting quilt blocks to help fish...... )

I'm quite tempted to make a "for" fishing quilt, now :P
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"Go on in twilight. Begin to sing."

Walked about 15 miles (or more -- two this morning [hopped the bus a bit], seven this afternoon, who knows how many during the day). I need one of those silly gadgets that shows how much one travels a day -- I'm sure it's much more than 15 but I'm sticking with that, yeah.

First day at Fin and Feather? Wonderful. Everyone seems surprised at how quickly I caught on to everything. I was told that I could have as many hours as I want to work if I really wanted to work. Tim (manager) remarked that I was punctual and Malvin put in that I was extremely punctual. "Twenty minutes early, in fact."

And I go back tomorrow morning, 9am, to start again.

(I played with a degu today!!! And I made quick friends with someone who raises rats but is pre-vet and is interested in raising goats!!! And one of my co-workers is also a VCU sculpture student -- how strange is that?)
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That's it.

My computer is jealous because I had text with Patricia's computer.

For some odd reason I really really really want to tag this as 'TARDIS innuendo' X3
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S-JS: "Does he still stroke bits of the TARDIS?"
Rose: "Oh, yeah, yeahyeah, all the time! I'm like 'Do you two want to be alone?'"
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After several attempts I found a download that didn't clock out mid-way.

But wait a tick. Two seperate instances on Earth, two different times, two full moons.

New Earth, yeah, there's the whole 'moon as a symbol' dealie. And the two moons in the background during daylight. The symbol is green and is either a sliver of moon or a nearly full moon. The two in the background -- one's small, the other enormous. They look as though they aren't full, yet, but you can see all of both.

What is it?

Going to watch the rest, now, tra.

EDIT: Bwhahaha X3

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Fwee. Thursday we watched Tooth and Claw, The Visitation (both Who, one new and one fifth), Shaun of the Dead (Simon Pegg - The Editor - DOCTOR WHO The Long Game; Penelope Wilton - Harriet Jones: M P for Flydale North/Prime Minister - DOCTOR WHO Aliens of London, WWIII, & The Christmas Invasion) Suicide Girls and Dungeons and Dragons. We made chocolate chip cookies at 4am!

Did stilts (WHOA). Managed about nine miles biking, one walking. Went to Willow Lawn again, got some seasoning meat for the navy beans. Picked up audio/visual leads for the tv/vcr. HAH, they don't work for my tv. I have to either return them and figure something else out or just forget it and sulk.

Mmmmmdinner. Thin steaks, mashed potatoes, seasoned greens. Navy beans. I have to remember how the heck I seasoned the steak, though -- the liquor off it makes great taters.

Watched the Wallace and Gromit trios, The Life of Brian, The Triplets of Belleville (how odd is that movie!). Narnia came along and I zonked out. Didn't get to watch it, really. Lucy took the cover off the wardrobe and that was it.

Bath. Cleaning up and re-making my bed. Library (I *have* to, books due). I'll try to get some work done today and tomorrow. Really.

And Who tonight :D
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OH! And I'm 14 miles to Rivendell (8 biking, 6 walking). Starting today. Would have been a bit more but Patricia gave me a ride up to Fin & Feather.

I'm half a mile to Stock Road! :D
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Well! I start on Tuesday, 9am to 4:30pm.

"I would have hired you, anyway, even if you hadn't had previous animal experience. You're articulate, you keep eye contact with people you're talking to, you've a pleasant voice and a great personality. The majority of people I've hired are usually okay with speaking to customers but very often forget or they are intimidated.


As long as you want a job here you'll have one."
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Doctor Who Night 1999 - The Kidnappers XD

Chris and I are going to Willow Lawn in about an hour - by bike, methinks - should be fun :D
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I have never met a rabbit that would eat it's own poo. Apparently rabbits produce caecotrophs which, yeah, they eat. They also produce regular waste and that's left alone.

I've also been wondering why she prostrates herself at me for petting -- she'll bow down really quickly, tuck her ears down, stretch out her body and raise her rear a bit. Apparently that's rabbit for "You're my subordinate, groom me." I find it terribly amusing -- she'll try to get into my paints or on my 'desk' or sommat... I'll move to grab her and she runs to my side demanding grooming.

She doesn't groom me back, though. Just nips and moves my hand.

I've been trying to write this for the last hour or so. That's how much she has been demanding attention tonight.

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So the last two nights Estrella has slept at the foot of my make-shift bed. She has her trust issues and she has her "Rawr rawr rawr, I bite j00" issues, too. I mean, come on, you would too if you were basically a cage bunny for a year without much interaction.

I've given up one of my favorite shirts and my best blanket for her to sleep on (she chose them, who am I to complain?) -- night before she just stayed in one spot, near my feet. Last night she was all over the place, looking interested in just about everything. Kept hopping onto my face when she was scooting about but, eh, I've had cats do that. No big deal.

So she's been having this "Rawr rawr rawr" thing whenever anyone comes to pet her. Starts grunting and popping her little feet out, snapping her little teeth. Okay, I can handle that. That's not a problem. When she does it with Patricia and April... and anyone else, yeah, that's a bit too much.

Not everyone is as insane as I am -- I go out in search of the feral kittens at the farm, they hiss and spit and bite and claw and I keep going about picking them up. I'm insane :P

But this morning she was a little different. She'd come TO an outstretched hand wanting to get pets and scritches. She saw my hand come out and would literally come from the very end of the pallet to my hand like she never had trust issues before. Kept playing with her, got up and told her it was time to get some water and breakfast. Bent down to pick her up and she snipped at me, I just don't get it.

Oh well. Breakfast and then working on various projects! Tra :D
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