Mar. 2nd, 2006

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Okay. I shifted things around. A lot.

No more direct linking images unless I put the embedding page into the lists. This zaps up way too much of my bandwidth and when it's a PNG and you're getting 3000 hits on it in a matter of a few days it really drains my resources (it's not from anyone here, it was from the KOs and it wasn't with permission -- I didn't find out whodunit until tonight and I am highly pissed since there ARE free image hosts out there).

No more robots trolling my site.

Possibly no more viewing images directly from your friends pages if I don't cut things. So expect lots more cutting.

I ought to get a really nice picture of a human finger infected with Orf as a redirect but I won't do that. Why bother when I can just list all of the allowed sites? Though it would be funny.

Going through 2 gigs of bandwidth in a month is no laughing matter. It's not even remotely laughable. I won't have it happen again -- I might not pay a great deal of money for my 2G a month but it's still my hard-earned money.

Sleep time, meeting tomorrow from eleven until one and then phoning Doug just afterwards. It is nice that he has a clear phone voice, there were only a few instances where I couldn't quite hear him when I called him earlier.
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No one has emailed me back from VCU this morning. Nothing has been done with my account.

I'm going back to sleep, I can do that until 10am. Yeah, I'm gonna go do that -- I was actually sleeping nicely.
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I know entirely too much about entirely too many people.

In other news... STAR group interview went fairly well.

Phoneage with Doug for Young Rembrandts went well, too -- meeting with him on the Southside on Tuesday. If things go as they should I'll start teaching at Crestwood Elementary Wednesday. Working about an hour or two a week... but still. Job!

I sent an email to Ms. Jones regarding my student account just in case she didn't get the one that Student Accounting sent her yesterday .-. Because, uh... still no answer, still nothing done.

Phone? This phone is in the process of being reactivated/reprogrammed. Please allow 24 hours. Yay! :D Hopefully... this will fix it.

Tomorrow I'll be at the stiltwalking meeting @ 3pm.

Today... I have nothing else to do. So I'll be walking over to the post office to put the painting in the mail and then spend the rest of the afternoon knitting, yep.

And erasing the image from my mind due to the first line of this post. Ick.
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Dear Ms. Wilson,

Your tuition and fees account is paid in full. Your financial hold has been removed. Please contact Student Accounting Department concerning your overpayment.


Crystal Jones
Collection Unit


It was paid in full last week. Why did it take three different emails to three different people a week later to get people to do anything?

Time to sign up for classes! (And/or figure out who I need to bribe in order to register for various classes.)
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*someone from downstairs knocks on the door and comes in*

(Tommy) You're not my new girlfriend! Wait, wait.... You're not a plate of croissants!


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