Mar. 6th, 2006

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Schwinn-bike getting @ 2pm! :D

...I set my alarm for 10. Why did I not wake up until 11:45? Oh well .-.
Bike getting today. Bike fixing tomorrow. Bike riding sometime afterwards.

...BLAH, I knew there was a reason why I wanted to wake up at 10! I still wanted to check out if I could possibly register for Albert's class. Just so, ya know, I knew I could do it if I really wanted to in the end.

Because I don't particularly want to right this moment. But still.

15 icons? *stabbities*
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My first taste of soymilk. Because I have worked with soybeans... it's mostly like tasting the dust and smelling the dried pods while working in a soybean field/working with the soybeans themselves... adding a pinch of sugar and calling it a day.

Don't care for the smell too much but... I don't like the smell of raw/processed animal milk, either -- tastes good, though. Same with the gluten and mushrooms in soy sauce I like -- putrid smell but sweet, meaty taste.

The soymilk is not bad. It'll take some getting used to, though.

Should make a great batter for doughnuts or pancakes. Definitely good for a white or yellow cake.

PS: Does this sound odd to anyone other than myself?

Have you ever eaten the leftover milk in your kids' cereal bowl?"
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Whew. Bike is with me. All is well (but I'm very very tired.) Mile and a half to get the bike, about a mile into Cary Town (another first - first time I've been to Cary Town) and back home another mile and a half. So, yeah, tired. Break, snack and then studio for silliness.

Note to self: Richmond Re-Cycles, located in Cary Town, is not open on Sunday or Monday.
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"Why are you stroking my wood?"

I swear -- this came out of my mouth today and everyone gasped.

Seriously. I wanted to know why Chris' friend had her hands all over my rocking chair pieces :P

Yay for wireless high-speed in the studio!


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