Mar. 8th, 2006

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Hope is best kept in a fishbowl.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

(In other news: eBay!
...not that I need or want any of this, I just like to look at all the sheepy things.)

Sheep Jumping Fences queen-sized comforter.

Sheep figurines: Border Leicester ram, ewe; Suffolk ram, lamb. BFL figurine. Texel ram, ewe, lamb. Border Leicester ewe and lamb. Scottish Blackface ram, ewe.

I gave this EXACT item to mum a few years ago! But you know what? THIS ONE is so much more awesome!

This is not a sheep. It's a yak. And it's not for sale even though it's on eBay.

Wisconsin Sheep Breeders and Wool Growers Association Report and Merino Sheep Register, 1881-2. You have no idea how much wanty there is for this item.

Knitted sheep tea cozy kit. It looks like the door stopper I got mum for Easter in 2003. Which, uh, she doesn't use to stop doors. It's for pretty on the shelf (even though it's heavy as hell).

Shearing combs/blades? On eBay? Man! If I didn't have the 'no, I want new ones' mind-set for shearing equipment I'd nab those up in a heart beat. And... uh... none of those should be used for slick shearing. 13 and 20 tooth combs should be used in slick shearing. At least they're not flare-toothed. Eesh. But, yeah, normal brand-new combs run $19-30 a piece, blades (the small bits that do the actual cutting) run ya $5-10 a piece. But if you buy them used you'll prolly have to get them sharpened and that's extra -- either shipping or gas to get you to the nearest sheep-stuff supplier who offers to sharpen. Too bad Sheepman's Supply isn't in Orange anymore.

The auction lot you're looking at would run you about $150, new.

More blades! We don't have a machine that uses a three-point cutter, though .-.

Mum gave me this charm for easter a few years ago. And watch fob is beyond awesome.

Original sheep painting!

It's sad that you can sometimes make more money from your sheep's skull than you could have ever gotten for him while he was still alive.

Moving away from eBay, now.


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The good:
An antique crank-powered shearing machine! I have one of these (though we got ours for much much much less than that [read: nearly free]) and our's still has the stationary handle! :D I need to bring it with me to Richmond so I can take it apart and put it back together again... the wound metal that makes the shaft has lost it's old shape and is falling apart ever so slightly. The gears and things all work... just that the shaft mechanisms keep catching on the shaft wall and sometimes it kinks. The teeth are in about the same condition as the eBay one... but I think I can fix/make a new comb for it.

1905 Pregnant SHEEP Anatomy: I have no idea why I have love for this item but... I do. So much friggen love.

Cute sheep ornament! With bell :D

Hebridean fleece!! I've never seen one of those on eBay before :D

Sheep crossing sign! :D "Reserved for Sheep" sign!! :D :D

Pretty painting *_*

Shearing stand! (What? Do they sell *ANYTHING* on eBay these days?) Why pay that much, though, when you can get them a bit cheaper from NASCO or sommat or build them for near to nothing?

:O This watch has the same sheep from my pirate sheep icon!

Wanty. So very much.

Giant metal ram! VCU would probably love that buuuuut... lemme make something and they can buy it from me :D


The not so great:

Trimmer with 'sheep' in the title. First of all... newbie sheep people who don't know much about anything will probably buy one of these and think they'll get somewhere with it. NO. Unless you have hair sheep and, even then, you'll be cleaning and de-greasing the blades every few seconds. Same with goats (unless they've gotten a bath recently -- goats, not sheep). No, we didn't get snookered into buying a set, we had a Wahl laying about and couldn't get the tension right in the motor-in-your-hand set of shears.

Wahl + Sheep = Bad idea. Easier, faster and safer to use scissors.

Texas: Hunting trip 1 / hunting trip 2. I bet most of the sheep there were people's pets at one point in time. I bet most of those sheep had names. I bet this Jacob was in someone's fiber flock. And I wouldn't doubt it at all if this white ram was Friendly, our old Horned Dorset ram (he got good dollar for his age but I know he went to a trophy buyer because of his horns).

Yeah, the folks have to make their money. But A) it's a trophy hunt and B) the folks are sitting in the lap of luxury with a guarentee of an animal. You should hunt for meat first and foremost and you should go out and hunt if you're gonna hunt. Not sit and watch TV a while as your host rustles up a few game animals to make sure you get what you paid for. If you've got money to waste like that you need to find something else to do with it.

(more eBay will added when I get around to it)
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"Are you on drugs? If not, I can recommend a good psychiatrist."

Guy: "Why does everyone always want to shoot at you?"
Sylv: "It'd be a bit pointless if they didn't, don't you think?"
Sylv's hand pretending to be enemy: "Why are you here?"
Sylv: "To fight your evil ways."
Hand: "Oh! Here's the key to my space ship!"

"Ah! Excellent! The puny humans are but flesh butter against my cyber hot knife."

Guy: "So you're not a Time Lord?"
Sylv: "Nooooo, I'm a Chrono-Duke!"
Guy: "Police box?"
Sylv: "Washing machine."


I'll be uploading this soon enough for all of you DW/Sylv fans.
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Anyone else feel as though their life has been on fast forward the last month or so? Because I sure as hell feel like that. March already? Fuh? Spring break starts this Friday? Whathuh?


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