Mar. 29th, 2006

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Maybe I shouldn't draw when I'm dead tired and unable to really keep my eyes open. Because I wake up and see this:

Suddenly I realise that... the expression is just too amusing to keep myself from laughing. And not one of those little chortles, oh no. A nice big unexpected HA!

Need to get the colours right :\
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"Some kind of powerful organism thing with a very strong hunting instinct."

Gotta love such descriptive descriptions. "Organism thing" is mentioned yet again by the Doctor! Go go Pertwee!

And this? I can remember the first time I really searched for DW on the internet. Fall of 1998, I was taking Latin I over satellite and had a 45 minute NOTHINGNESS break every day. Since I was in the library during that time I declared a computer mine and... after exhausting my searches on sheep... goats... cows... pigs... chickens... horses... 4-H... I turned my sights towards DW. The undies were found the first day searching.

I feel so very very old, now.
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Of Stash and FO (Fiber edition) )

And because I'm a very big dork...

80's, lol.


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