Apr. 3rd, 2006

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Today is a nice day to be outside. Pity I have no real reason to venture out.

Oh well! Spinning :D
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Snakes on a KoL!

I've finished my second yarn for plying with the orange. It came up to 107 yards. Time to make an orange creamsicle!

And! I'll be exposing Chris to the Key to Time series in the next few days :D
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Thunderstorms (HUZZAH!) with possible hail. Tornado watch until midnight. Dunno how long that's been in effect, BUT! I have pictures :D

Outside @ just before 4pm and again just before 7pm + today's unplied yarn )

I enjoy having this camera entirely too much, I think.

OH! It has JUST rolled in, the sky went from happy to pounding-fists-on-the-Earth in five seconds. Almost caught lightning on camera but it is just too quick for me. Tried filming it and it never appeared -- wind is howling. Rain just splattered one of my three windows. YAY STORM. :D

EDIT: Took a long long movie off the back deck, mebbe there's a clip or three in there suitable.

Sky -- movie clippage sucks, none of that )

She does enjoy her window.
She also stands roughly five feet tall -- give or take a little as she's leaning into the window a bit.
You can probably tell how tall the windows are, now.
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So the orange and the white decided to get hitched. They were both of noble lengths and complimented one another perfectly. He didn't mind that she was a little orange and she didn't mind that he was a little thick around the middle.

The ceremony went without a single problem and then, of course, came the wedding night.


Ahahaha. You have no idea how happy I am right now :D
My dear sweet yarns, they all grow up so quickly.

106 yards, wool/mohair/silk 2-ply -- thick and thin.


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