Apr. 12th, 2006

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I'm horrible. For two raisins reasons.


2. I opened 3.oci to sketch in her missing arm -- I saved it and closed it out. Why did I only open it to do that? I make no sense to me!

I might have a job at Bogart's -- turning in an application tomorrow afternoon when they re-open. Hey, I've had plenty of experience with drunk people, I've done waitress gigs, I have a knack for remembering orders and who ordered what without writing anything down. I can lift up to 50 pounds without trying, 75 if I try a little harder. Over 100 when I really have to/have help. I don't mind taking out the garbage and lifting buckets of ice into the ice bins is no biggie.

I can totally help out at Bogart's.

Oooooh, very odd. I have an email with the subject line "Corriedale fleeces" from someone I've never heard of....

EDIT: OH! Too bad I don't actually have the extra cash to blow on fleeces (and I still have 5+ pounds of washed wool I need to start using...) -- http://www.whitefishbayfarm.com/fleeces.htm

As of Wednesday, April 12th at 10:00am CDT all of our available 2006 fleeces will be posted to our website.
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"If I can get it up I'll let you use it."

Yes, I was talking about the internet.
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Scrambled mess!

What I should have said (before rushing off to the kitchen) was "I've made lunch."

One egg. Break into uncooked grits mixture (enough dry grits, enough water, enough salt, pepper, butter - cheese, et cetera, if you like) and cook in microwave (IN MICROWAVE SAFE BOWL) for, give or take, 4-5 minutes. Stir/scramble occassionally.
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Yet another VCU student has sent me their project -- get it straight, folks, I'm neither a Mister nor a professor at VCU.

I'll be spending about four hours tonight at the library. Doing research. On important things. Yep.
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Remember that you can't control everything. There will always be circumstances that are just out of your control. Things will improve if you give them a chance and not try and force certain changes to take place.

Bah, I say. BAH. 4:30 I take application over to Bogart's. Shortly after... I return here to sit and spin a Wait-a-While for Fiber Friday. Oh, I do hope it turns out the way I see it in my head (Bohemia, indeed).

For now, though, be content to know that I have six skeins of 55% nylon /40% angora (rabbit hair)/ 5% lambswool 're-loved' yarn from a hardly worn sweater -- I salvaged it myself. Total of 726 yards -- if anyone (or anyone you know) wants to buy it from me, lemme know ($35 anywhere in the US, $40 anywhere else - includes packaging, shipping - priority - and tracking).

10 WPI, 10-ply -- classified as bulky yarn and would be roughly one pound.

I can't seem to capture the actual colour. It's got this lovely purple about it that the camera eats.


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