Apr. 14th, 2006

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Yay! Productivity!

So, yeah, watched movies. The Cat Returns, disks 5 & 6 of Invader Zim, The 40-Year-Old Virgin (AHAHAHA, Hair reference at the end, love it) and Catch Me If You Can (which I really enjoyed).

Did sketches and finished up a single for a double-ply that... won't get done in time, BUT! I still think it will turn out wonderfully when all is said and done.

Piccies! )

Maybe I'll get some of those sketches turned into actual pieces rather than sketchbook fodder. Yarn is, of course, wool/silk/mohair. Pencil sketchies were done in various colours of Verithin coloured drawing pencils and the light blue under the ewe is a non-photo blue pencil.

Stilts at 2:30pm. Mum is supposed to be here around 4pm. Gonna see how much more of my yarn I can finish up, tra.
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Fwee! I was an extra three/four feet taller :D Though we did walk around the second floor... which means I went into an elevator three/four feet taller than I usually am -- and I hate elevators, anyway. But I like heights, they're fun. Had to keep thinking about how I placed my left foot since I lean out on it... it'll be fine, though.

Spinning until mum gets here, tra.

(And I am - and have always been - a very forgetful person when it comes right down to it. I appreciate things other people do for me not by fervid thanks but by actual usage of an item, idea or concept.

So THANK YOU Yarn Fairy for your package and silly words. I LOVE YOU for your very obvious comment "The cow is a bath ball, don't eat him." I giggled like you wouldn't believe. My friend Chris and I shared the rice candy -- which was something completely new to me -- and I now have a good grasp on a sculpture concept I've been working through for the last year or so through this new experience.

And while I might prefer 'natural' fibers, I have a soft spot for any yarn or fiber -- I keep telling myself it is an addiction but it doesn't change my nature.

Your sheep is adorable -- you get lots of brownie points and an extra special *SQUEE!* from me :D )


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