Apr. 19th, 2006

Jose Puig?

Apr. 19th, 2006 09:51 am
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A reminder:

1- GRADS: You are not exempt. I know you're busy, but who isn't? Please give me some images, statement and $10 immediately.

2. Undergraduates: Many of you have given me everything I asked for, many of you have not. Remember, this is required.

3. Faculty: I still need $10 from some of you.

Connie Brown
Department Coordinator, Sculpture & Extended Media and Kinetic Imaging

...what? I sure hope I don't count, I don't have a clue as to what she's talking about. More importantly, I haven't $10 to give if that's what she's asking of everyone. The most I can make of it is something about a Spanish architect/historian.

Beats me. I'm not taking classes this semester, I'm not going to ask her what's going on. If I'm going to be out, I'm going to be out of everything.

Last night and night before I dreamed I was in a store. Mum says I should look up news articles in the area from 1995 (due to the bad meat dream a few nights ago) and see what happened here that year. Eh.

Work to do, I've spent enough time lollygagging this morning.
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Various things art/competition related for any and everyone )

I have a hard time getting work done when my 'desk' is actually a 'bed' on the floor with milk crates holding up my laptop.

And have any of you managed to hurt your left knee?
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I sent an email to Fin and Feather, mebbe they're looking (but just aren't telling anyone). Re-sent to C-MOR (maybe it was accidentally deleted last time?). I have this little scrap of paper on my 'desk' for a comic colorist position in the area. There are two other scraps on my wall ('Summer Job @ VCU Call Center' and 'Kaman's Art Shoppes')... I want to apply to the Student Commons but my GPA is, technically, .02 below their standard -- if they would round up it'd be great. I doubt it, though.

I still have the Sears interview friday (though I'm slowly talking myself into hating it already, I have a feeling I put myself into a very bad frame of mind after working at Jarratt Fas Shop -- I'm always mildly afraid of working for anyone, now). I still have opportunities beyond Willow Lawn that I've not approached yet (Target, Barnes & Noble and the like) and the other various shopping malls around (though the bus only goes on weekdays 6-to-6 to Henrico).

Hate this. Hate it hate it hateit.

EDIT: ...shit. I got an email back from Fin and Feather. I CAN'T READ IT, it went and died before loading, it won't load. GAH.



I will ask that you call Fin & Feather, ask to speak to Tim Parrish or come in an speak with him directly and fill out an application. He is in charge of all recruitment and hiring done at Fin & Feather. Your resume and email will be on file for him Friday afternoon, but Fin & Feather still requires that you fill out an application before the interview process can take place.

Best of luck,

Fin & Feather Staff

Guess what I'm doing tomorrow! :D
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UNIVERSE : COSMO- :: UNIVERSAL LAWS : Cosmopolitician.
ONCE : TWICE :: BITTEN : Bitten again.
SMALL : LARGE :: OMICRON : Persei Eight.

POCUS : HOCUS :: POKERY : Jiggery, I hope. And that's being serious.

I am *seriously* going to get some work done, now. Curtains are on windows so that means there isn't any glare / overly bright sunlight to distract me.


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Here is Seven fondling handling her console. Perhaps a bit too well as she is exploding.

And I thought you said you didn't fiddle with her knobs!


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