Apr. 2nd, 2006

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Braaah. I'm going to have to do something to save my Lady or else scrap her now. She wouldn't stand proper when I first got her inside the apartment. Chris managed to get her to stand on her own for me. Yesterday the wind knocked her over and I can't get her to stand to save my life. Sat her in the corner away from the window and this morning I woke up to find she had slid backwards, neck leaning on the wall and body almost touching the floor. She's propped in the window for the time being.

She was going to need an interior wood 'skeleton' to help her stand up once I got her near finishing, anyway... so I guess it is time to figure out how, exactly, I want to go about constructing it. No one will see it so I can make it however I like, really.

Not something I wanted to have to do any time soon, though .-.
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Lalala. Yarn. Of course, what else would there be? )

92 yards, 18-22 wpi (wraps per inch). I'm going to call it lace weight. Wool, silk, mohair.

Also! Working on this a bit more:

My computer keeps acting up .-. Just restarted because the internet clocked out for no reason and now the toolbar basically doesn't exist. I can see it but I can't always use it. Which means, yeah, I'm gonna restart now.


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